With short, dull days and long nights ahead, winter is a busy time for our crews who need to be well-stocked to respond to lifesaving missions, by air and by land, to trauma and medical incidents at the roadside, at home, or anywhere across Devon's diverse landscape. 

A gift from your heart will put vital pieces of kit, equipment and medicine into their hands.

With your support, we can make sure our crews remain fully-equipped to be there for those in need of time-critical specialist care. 

Some items are small, but crucial – like scalpels and shears. They’re inexpensive, around £1 each, but having plenty of the right kind of supplies this winter will be critical. 
We also need tourniquets – used to stem bleeding at the site of an injury, and blizzard blankets (you may have seen these atSupport our Winter 2023 kit appeal marathons, wrapped around people after they’ve completed the race). These keep a patient warm at the scene of an accident – we use these almost every time we respond, particularly when outside temperatures drop.
Whether your gift is large or small, any support in re-stocking our supplies would be incredible, so if you’re able to lend your support today it would be so much appreciated by those we serve, over the winter months ahead, and every day of the year.

Thank you for keeping our crew kitted out and responding.