Rich has no real experience of SUP'ing (Stand Up Paddle Boarding) or Nepal, he's also not a great lover of camping or being without the luxury of a bed and shower, but as a general fan of trying new things and pushing himself he felt this challenge would tick those boxes!

The challenge will consist of Rich, along with his friend Liam, SUP'ing 85 miles of a section of the Kali Gandaki River without support. They will be carrying everything on their boards that they need to survive; food, camping equipment, water filtration and first aid packs to name but a few items. Space will be limited and the carrying of all of the kit will make balance all the more challenging.

They expect the challenge to take about 5 to 6 days, depending on the flow of the river, as they try to avoid rapids and potential crocodiles (mugger crocs that live on the river can grow up to 4m in length!)!

Whilst a group of paddle boarders were the first to SUP the Kali Gandaki in October 2017 Rich and Liam believe they will be the first to do it unsupported.  

Rich lives in Devon but his work takes him into both Dorset and Somerset and as such he has chosen to raise funds for both Devon Air Ambulance and Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance with this challenge.

Rich told us "I've chosen to support both Air Ambulance's as these are invaluable services that may very well be called upon to help me, my friends, family or work colleagues. Ultimately people should support us because we are raising money for a very needing cause.

"The other reason to support us is, although this will be an amazing experience, I suspect this will be a perfect example of 'type 2 fun', in which looking back on, it will be a great experience but whilst doing it I may hate 99% of knowing some benefit is coming from it will spur me on." 

The trip has taken a lot of organisation in terms of planning and logistics, but due to weather and work/life commitments time to practice on the river has been lacking! In order to help whilst off the river Rich has been working some new muscle groups with a balance board.

Rich's employer (National Grid) will generously match fund the first £400 raised and all funds will be equally split between Devon Air Ambulance and Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance. 

Rich is aiming to raise £400 which will be split between Devon Air Ambulance and Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance. If you would like to help Rich reach his goal you can support his efforts on his fundraising page

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