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Missions flown

Telephone: +44 (0)1392 466 666

Press & Media

One of our Devon Air Ambulances attends the scene of a road traffic incident.

Press and media enquiries

We understand the value of up to date and accurate information and our experienced marketing and communications team are here to help with your enquiroes.  

Sarah Burden is our Marketing and Communications manager Debbie Gregory is the Editor of Helipad and our Patient Liaison Officer Peggie Clark is our Fundraising and Communications Officer
Sarah Burden Debbie Gregory Peggie Clark
Marketing & Communications Manager Helipad Editor & 
Patient Liaison Officer
Fundraising Communications Officer
Website, strategic PR, social media, business wide  marketing, literature, branding Helipad magazine
& liaising with patients
PR relating to events
being held in aid of 
the Charity and sponsored events
01392 466666 Ext *129 01392 466666 Ext *135 01392 466666 Ext *123

Out of Hours/emergency press number: 07999 948 386

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