We understand the value of up to date and accurate information. Our experienced marketing and communications team is here to help with your enquiries.

Our emergency press number is 01392 466666 Ext *129

Our updated Helipad media pack will be added shortly.

Sarah Burden - Marketing & Communications Manager

Sarah is responsible for strategic PR, business-wide marketing, literature and branding branding. She is also a member of the Office Management Team.

01392 466666 Ext *129



Debbie Gregory - Helipad Editor & Patient Liaison Officer

Debbie manages and edits Helipad and she is also the first port of call for patients when they contact the charity. 

01392 466666 Ext *135



Peggie Clark - Fundraising Communications Officer

Peggie is responsible for much of the PR related to community events being held in aid of the charity. She also liaises with those fundraising for us and supports them in their efforts.

01392 466666 Ext *123



Naomi Ziewe Palmer - Digital Content Officer

Naomi is responsible for managing and creating content for the website and across social channels.

01392 466666 Ext *234