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We're now flying up to 17 hours a day; until midnight thanks to your support. If you would like to support us by donating regularly why not set up a direct debit payment? Every penny donated truly does make a difference.

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Our Story

Proud of our independence

Devon Air Ambulance Trust is a registered charity.  Registered Charity No: 1077998.

Our aim is "to relieve sickness and injury in and around the county of Devon through provision of an emergency Air Ambulance Service."

In 2017 it cost £6.4 million to run the service.  In addition, we need to raise around £1m more to build capital funds in order to ensure we can replace our aircraft after ten years’ service and to meet significant maintenance and repair costs, plus ambitious plans to extend our operating hours.

The Charity is wholly independent meaning that through the Devon Air Ambulance Trading Company (DAATC) it has its own Air Operating Certificate (AOC). This means effectively the service and Charity are able to make more operational decisions without the need for a third party, therefore we can liaise directly with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).


Your Air Ambulances

Devon’s two Air Ambulances are state-of-the-art Eurocopter EC135s.  They are both owned by the Charity, which has many advantages over leasing. In fact, we have realised savings of over £12,000 per month per aircraft since we bought them.

Our wholly owned subsidiary trading company holds the Air Operator's Certificate making the service truly independent, with full control over all operational and developmental improvements.

We work closely with the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASFT) which deploys the helicopters.  Although our paramedic aircrew are employed by SWASFT too, they are seconded to us and the Charity also makes a contribution. The Charity, together with the other Air Ambulance charities under the SWASFT umbrella, funds a specialist HEMS desk (helicopter emergency medical services) staffed by a team of six, based at the 999 control room. They monitor tasking and despatch the aircraft in order to optimise availability for the patients most in need.

Why not take a look around one of your Air Ambulances via our fantastic 360 tour courtesy of viewit360 view 360 tour. Big thanks for this fantastic donation.


Our vision for Devon is an outstanding, independent and efficient Air Ambulance service, available to all, 24 hours a day 


Our mission is to relieve sickness and injury in and around the county of Devon through provision of an emergency Air Ambulance Service


All our activities are informed by our values, which include community, voluntary service, professionalism, independence and availability to all 

Community - the Trust’s roots are planted firmly within the communities we serve in order to meet their needs and wishes

Volunteers - the Trust recognises that its volunteers are essential to the charity through their contribution to fundraising, community involvement, public relations, administration, practical support and campaigning, and will invest in training and developing our volunteer force 

Professionalism - the Trust is committed to professionalism in all aspects of its work in order to ensure it delivers the best possible service within the resources available 

Independence - the Trust is completely independent of central or local government 

Availability to all - the Devon Air Ambulance service is free of charge and available to everyone 

Our Five Year Plan - to 2022

Find out more about our plans for the future by downloading a copy of our updated strategic plan. 

View our latest Strategic Plan


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