Eager to complete the London Marathon before she turned 40, Nikki began running in 2013 and fulfilled her goal in the same year! Following her feat Nikki swore she would never do it again, but then last year, Nikki joked with a friend about doing it for a second time.

Egged on, Nikki entered and much to her surprise won a ballot place! With her place secured, Nikki knew there was no other charity that she wanted to raise funds for more than Devon Air Ambulance. 

As an equestrian and living in rural Devon, Nikki has always been a supporter of the Air Ambulance, but little did she realise that her young daughter would one day be in need of their assistance. 

In 2014 Nikki's daughter Evie, who was just approaching her third birthday, was kicked in the head by a horse. Although she was wearing a riding hat, the metal of the horse's shoe caused a deep gash on her forehead. Evie was conveyed to the RD&E where she was operated on to check for skull fractures before receiving stitches. Thankfully Evie suffered no lasting damage and after an overnight stay in hospital she was discharged home. 

Following Evie's airlift Nikki raised £3,500 for Devon Air Ambulance. Since then, two of Nikki's friends have also needed their assistance, making Devon Air Ambulance the obvious choice for Nikki to support at this year's London Marathon. 

Between 2013 and now, Nikki has kept up her running, taking part in numerous runs, including a couple of half marathons and mid-distance triathlons, before doing the Suffolk Marathon in 2018. Following this, Nikki has spent the winter building up her training miles, including running cross country and canal paths.

On the 6 April 2019 Nikki completed the Exmoor Extreme Marathon and is now looking forward to the hitting 'cruise control' at the London Marathon. Running with her friend, Nikki is aiming to complete the London Marathon in 6.5 hours.

Nikki added "While all of the above sounds quite impressive, I really am incredibly slow moving - my first London Marathon time was 5 hours 27 mins and my marathon time at Exmoor was 7 hours 21 mins!

"I hope I might in some small way make a difference to others' lives through fundraising. I would simply ask that if I inspire you in a small way to make a donation to my fundraising link and keep the Devon Air Ambulance in our skies.

"If you are in the crowd or running with us, please give us a cheer...it will mean a lot."

Nikki is aiming to raise £500.00 for Devon Air Ambulance at the London Marathon on 28 April 2019.

If you would like to help Nikki reach her goal you can support her efforts via her fundraising page.

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