On the last Friday in September (2023), some of our Fundraising team popped down to Masons Kings where the winners of this year’s raffle were drawn.

Masons Kings have been extremely supportive with our raffle, a great corporate partner who not only donated our 1st prize but also the  an electric toy gator! 

Elliot Prior, Commercial Sales Manager at Mason Kings, helped to draw the 6 lucky winners:

  • 1st prize £1,000.00– Mr S Ross (number 5516)
  • 2nd prize £500 holiday voucher– Mr K Baud (number 7680)
  • 3rd prize Electric Toy Gator– Mr G Hole (number 3526)
  • 4th prize £250 valet voucher– Ms A Quiny (number 7043)
  • 5th prize £250 valet voucher– Mr T Hedge (number 6330)
  • 6th prize hamper– Mr C Horton (number 3051)

Special thanks also to Welcome Family Holiday Park, Tangelo and Greendale for donating the additional fantastic prizes. 

It was a quick turn around this year, so we are pleased to say that over the summer months at all our fundraising events, an incredible total of over £5,000 was raised for our service.  

Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket and to our amazing local businesses who supported us with donations. 

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