This article relates to The Big Help Out 2023

The Big Help Out is a chance for everyone to experience volunteering in their local area and from Monday 8 to Saturday 13 May our shops will be hosting an open day where by you are invited to come along to meet and chat with staff, crew and current volunteers, to find out more about our service and how a donation of your time could help to save a life. 

DAA Volunteer Manager Cara Jones says:

‘Volunteering is not just about the benefits it brings to DAA, but also the benefits volunteering has on an individual, including building self-esteem and confidence, as well as feeling part of a community and having a sense of purpose. We have a wide variety of volunteering opportunities to support our many departments, from retail, fundraising and at head office, through to patient services and logistics; which means there truly is a role for everyone. In return for your contribution, we endeavour to ensure you are well supported and happy during your time with us.’ 

Our 650 volunteers, each with their own unique skills and experiences, are invaluable to us. They make a meaningful difference and we truly understand their importance. We work hard to build strong relationships with them all and ensure they know how much we appreciate them. We are always keen to encourage everyone to find out more about what volunteering entails and what opportunities might be of interest. 

An important part of our culture is for our staff to volunteer in a role outside of their usual one, and as such we are asking all our staff to offer some of their time to support The Big Help Out by attending one of our shops to help with a Big Sort, a Big Steam or a Big Clean. Whatever the task, together we will provide the support to keep our crew responding.  

To be part of The Big Help Out or find and get in touch with your local Devon Air Ambulance shop. Alternatively, for more information, please email [email protected]

Devon Air Ambulance volunteer helping in our shopsDevon Air Ambulance volunteer helping in our shopsDevon Air Ambulance volunteer helping in our shopsDevon Air Ambulance volunteer helping in our shops