Air Ambulance Week 2022 is taking off from the 5th to the 11th of September to raise awareness of the lifesaving work of air ambulance charities across the UK, and here in Devon, Devon Air Ambulance will be sharing the stories of previous patients who have benefitted from their time-critical care.  

During this national awareness week, organised by Air Ambulances UK, and named Critical Moment – Lifesaving difference, Devon Air Ambulance will also be joining other air ambulance charities around the United Kingdom in sharing information about their work with local communities. 

The campaign highlights how air ambulance charities such as ours make a lifesaving difference in time-critical situations. Anyone, anywhere in Devon could become a patient at any time. Air ambulance crews bring the skills and expertise of a hospital to the scene of an emergency, performing complex procedures using advanced equipment and drugs that improve survival rates. Devon Air Ambulance crews respond to the critically ill and injured across Devon, 365 days a year with their 2 Helicopters and 2 Critical Care Cars. 

So far this year Devon Air Ambulance has been deployed to over 1,200 missions across the county and further afield, forming a vital part of the emergency services response teams and making a lifesaving difference. 

Every mission is funded entirely by the generosity and kindness of local communities without whom the charity could not operate. This week, Air Ambulances UK is urging us to support our local air ambulance so that they may continue their amazing work in helping to save the life of a family member, a friend or a neighbour, whoever might need their help in your local community. 

Devon Air Ambulance helped 21 year-old Katie who left her home in Kingsteignton to go to work on a cold and wintry morning and found herself in need of the specialist skills of the Devon Air Ambulance after her car encountered a patch of black ice along the way.  

Katie’s Father Mark recalls:  

After receiving a call from her workplace that Katie hadn’t arrived and there was no answer form her mobile phone, I feared the worst and set off to try and find her. I was met with every parent’s nightmare.  

‘My daughter’s car was in a ditch and all I could see were flashing blue lights. I jumped out of my car and immediately slipped on the black ice; it was deadly. I remember hearing the air ambulance and the next thing I recall is seeing the air crew heading toward the scene. There is something calming about those red overalls. Among a scene of fear and devastation they appear as ‘superheroes’ reminiscent of characters from cartoons you read about in your youth. I knew Katie was in safe hands.’ 

Read more of Katie’s Story and the lengths her family have gone to say thank you to Devon Air ambulance.