A night landing site for Devon Air Ambulance is now operational at Tetcott Village Hall. The open grass area by the Hall has recently had new lighting installed, which consists of a new lighting column and LED lights, and a remote switching system, so the lights can be activated by the Helicopter Emergency Medical Services Dispatch team prior to the arrival of the Air Ambulance.

The community landing site project, which has been supported by Luffincott and Tetcott Parish Council, was recently signed-off by local Councillors when they were given a demonstration of how the lights are activated in an emergency by Toby Russell, Community Landing Sites Development Officer at Devon Air Ambulance.

A successful application to the Tetcott Community Fund, saw 50% of the funds for the landing site lighting secured by Luffincott and Tetcott Parish Council with the remaining funds being provided via a grant from Devon Air Ambulance through funding from the Bank LIBOR bank fines.

Carolyn and William Molesworth St-Aubyn, from the Tetcott Community Fund Committee, said:

We were delighted to support the night landing site project and other important community projects through the first tranche of funding to be allocated from the profits of Tetcott Energy. This landing site will be an important asset for our rural community. We welcome applications from all parts of the community to support these types of projects which aim to enhance and benefit the local community.

Toby Russell said:

The community landing site at Tetcott is one of 90 such sites now operational across Devon and that network continues to grow by the week. We are very grateful to the huge efforts put in by local communities; the local Councillors in Tetcott readily supported the project and secured the local funding for the lighting. With the lighting installed and a few access improvements undertaken, the site is now ready for night operations should it be needed in an emergency. We’d like to thank everyone that has helped bring this project to fruition.

Visit this page to find out more about setting up a community landing site in your area.

The above image features: (back row) Cllr Jon Pearce, Ashley Uglow from the Arscott Hall Committee, Cllr Nick Wonnacott, Cllr Terry Rooke, Cllr Jon Britton, Toby Russell from the Devon Air Ambulance, (front row) Julie Smith Parish Clerk and Claire Grant from the Arscott Hall Committee.