Many of us are fairly good at reusing our carrier bags or using more durable ones, but there are moments when we've left those bags in the boot of the car, or have just nipped out for one or two essentials and come away with more than planned... 

Back in 2017, Tesco replaced single use carrier bags, and instead offered customers Bags for life, which are made from recycled plastic, themselves recyclable, very durable and can be replaced for free when at the end of their life.

The money raised from the sale of the reusable Bag for Life is used to fund a variety of local projects across Britain. Each time a customer shops they are offered a blue token at the checkout, which they can use to vote for the project they want the money to go to.

Every two months Tesco hands out grants of up to £4,000, £2,000 and £1,000 in 575 regions across Britain, which provides up to £4 million funding for communities.

What would DAA use the grant for?

In 2018 it cost £7.5 million to keep Devon's Air Ambulances flying, and communicating about the service is an essential part of being able to deliver that critical care when every second counts.

Communicating our messages to as many people as possible is essential so we can help would-be supporters find out about our work, and existing supporters to keep up to date with our activities and to thank them.

But not everyone is on social media, receives Helipad magazine, or can attend our various fundraising events. We are a local charity that serves local people and communities and, as such, our shops play an important role in being a source of information and in getting our message to the people that make our work possible.

We are looking to purchase an LCD television screen for each of our 19 shops across Devon, that can share important and tailored information with customers and supporters at the heart of local communities. In-store screens would help customers and donors to our shops to:

  • Find out about fundraising events, appeals and activities that are running in support of Devon's Air Ambulance service
  • Find out about opportunities for volunteers and current job vacancies
  • Gift Aid donations to help secure further funds for the Charity
  • Learn about the stock we are short of
  • Discover opportunities and events of interest specific to that community and area
  • Find out how our supporters' donations help our patients

We would also be able to reach new audiences and thank those amazing people, business and groups who are already so generous with their support.

Vote for DAA if you shop in North Devon

Fundraising and Communications Director, Caroline Creer, said:

We're really pleased to have the opportunity to receive a grant that's supported by the local communities that we serve, and we feel fortunate to be one of the shortlisted charities to be in with a chance of receiving one of the sums. Thank you to Tesco for making it possible for local charities to benefit in this way.

We'd love to scoop one of the grants available as a result of voting in the Bideford and Westward Ho! Tesco stores for your shopping, so if you're popping by, please do keep us in mind!

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