Our helicopters reach communities across Devon and beyond, serving patients swiftly and often in difficult-to-reach areas. Devon has two coastlines, hundreds of miles of road and moorland, and may secluded villages, with many thousands of locals and visitors each year flocking to enjoy the beautiful sights and experiences Devon has to offer.

In 2017, 12% of the medical emergencies we attended were to children. It's also children who are very often deeply affected when a friend or loved one needs our help. So many of Devon's schools are so supportive of the charity for these reasons, seeking creative ways to get involved with fundraising and inviting us in to talk to students about what we do and how to get involved.

Explore our reources

To help Devon's teachers to talk about our service with their students, and to inspire Devon's children and young people to engage in new ways to get on board with the charity while having fun with their subjects, we've created a special Schools & Young People subsite - a dedicated site that features:

  • resources and activities for teachers from key stage 1 through to age 16-19 students
  • creative activities suitable for any age
  • ideas for parents about how to keep kids occupied over the holidays and how to get involved
  • fun activities for kids
  • opportunities for young people looking to enhance their skills and experience
  • and plenty of news stories about our young supporters - or highflyers

Your invitation

Our new Schools & Young People pages already feature resources made by local teaching professionals who know what works well in the classroom and what is both fun for students and great for learning.

We're always happy to accept new resources from teachers with ideas about how to integrate the charity into the classroom. 

We also welcome your fundraiser stories. These help to inspire others to learn more about the charity and gather new ideas about how to raise funds, develop skills and gather new experiences.Take a tour today!

Have a look round our new schools pages today!