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Futureproofing our service for the people of Devon

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Devon Air Ambulance is driven by our mission to deliver exemplary time-critical care to patients. The demand for our enhanced and critical care service has grown significantly over the past few years; for example, in the last twelve months, we have seen a 33.9% increase in the total number of missions deployed to by our teams on Devon Air Ambulance helicopters and Critical Care Cars, across Devon and our neighbouring counties.

The annual rise in demand for our service, increased complexities of patient needs, and the ability to deliver advanced specialist care to the people of Devon, is a challenge we face every day. Coupled with insufficient training facilities for our critical care paramedics and clinicians, inadequate space for storage and capacity for our future, we have quite literally outgrown our existing facilities.

Devon Air Ambulance has recognised these challenges and must future-proof the delivery of our exemplary, time-critical care for the 1.2 million people of Devon. It is vital to develop a new combined airbase and head office for Devon Air Ambulance.

Whilst we are at the initial stages of the project, we are currently in the process of identifying new sites around the Exeter area. The combined airbase and head office has been carefully considered and is part of our commitment to continuously improve our delivery of exemplary time-critical care, providing substantial benefit to the people of Devon through improved patient care, increased capacity and maintaining a sustainable charity for the future.

Further news on this development will be added to our News pages as the project develops.