*This appeal has now closed*

As with all the emergency services, the work doesn’t stop over Christmas for Devon Air Ambulance, which has launched its Lift A Loved One campaign.

The campaign is a reminder that although the Christmas period is for many a time when we want to keep our loved ones around us, for others it can be a time of medical emergency.

The charity is hoping to raise an additional £2512 (the date of Christmas Day) in acknowledgement of the fact that 12 crew members are working on Christmas day to help ensure that Devon’s patients get the timely emergency support they need.

Last year (2017) it cost £6.4 million to keep Devon’s Air Ambulances flying,' says Fundraising and Communications Director, Caroline Creer. ‘That’s a lot of fundraising activity and generosity, which is 100% down to our incredible supporters, who make so much difference to the lives of the people of Devon.

This Christmas, 12 members of Devon Air Ambulance crew: pilots, paramedics and HEMS dispatchers, are taking time away from their own families to serve the loved ones of others. The campaign seeks to raise awareness of the importance of the Air Ambulances to the county and to boost its fundraising efforts during the festive period.

The campaign features interviews with the aircrew in a short film, and a ‘12 Days of Christmas’ countdown that introduces some of the crew members working on Christmas day.

We all want beloved family members to be with us at Christmas time - not heading to hospital in one of our helicopters,” says Caroline. “Our campaign is a reminder that while many of us will be taking a break to enjoy the company of family and friends, others are less lucky and emergencies don’t stop because it’s a special date: someone’s loved one will need a lift - and a gift from our supporters helps that to happen.

If you’d like to help Devon Air Ambulance to reach their £2,512 target, you can support the charity by visiting our Lift A Loved One campaign page (This campaign is now closed).

This campaign has now closed, but there are plenty more ways you can support your Air Ambulances. 

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