For 37 years the Exeter Round Table Charity has brought breath-taking fireworks displays to the people of Exeter every November and supported many local charities and good causes.

Devon Air Ambulance has been the beneficiary of the annual spectacle for several of these years and we are very much looking forward to this November's display, which promises to be particularly exciting as the theme of this year's show will be the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing. 

Exeter Round Table Fireworks - a history of helping

Exeter Round Table was established in 1936 with the fireworks event being launched in 1982. There are currently 8 active members of the organisation and about 8-10 members on average.

The members are recruited via referral, so an existing member might know someone interested in joining to help make their communities better while at the same time taking the opportunity to try different things, such as climbing, go-karting, caving, brewery tours, fishing, etc. as part of a bigger group. 

The annual fireworks display is very well established, but Exeter Round Table also looks after a number of other activities and events that support charitable projects that positively impact more than one individuals locally, that is in Exeter and surrounding areas. Stian Sigvartsen, the Event lead organizer, says:

We will occasionally rally with other Round Tables for disaster relief or similar. For example we worked with a Japanese Round Table to provide shelter for those affected by the nuclear meltdown following the Earthquake.

Not everyone knows that Exeter Round Table is a men’s initiative under the age of 45 with the philosophy that male role models can help mentor and support younger men socially and in professional life. Says Sigvarsten:

Our motto is 'Adopt, Adapt, Improve'. New, younger members respect their predecessors, who 'adopt' them by taking them under their wing. The younger men are then empowered to contribute new ways of running the club and supporting our role in the community; this is how we adapt, with the ultimate goal of improving the club for all and keeping it relevant and fresh.

A continuing positive force in the community

There is much to celebrate about the history of the Exeter Round Table. As well as the advent of the fireworks display 37 years ago, there have also been many years of Christmas charity collections throughout Exeter, with the well-known trailer with a Santa grotto or sleigh on it instantly recognisable in the town. This year the organisation launched Exeter's first ever Craft Beer festival - another charity fundraiser.

The successful partnership with Devon Air Ambulance has been in place for at least 5 years. Of Exeter Round Table's support of the charity Stian says:

We recognise how vital the work that Devon Air Ambulance does is in saving lives throughout Devon. When Exeter Round Table members vote on which charity initiatives to fund, our key criteria is that it impacts positively on a local community. DAA is a perfect example of a charity that does that.

This year's Fireworks Display theme is very special as it is 50 years since man first stepped on the moon.

It is rare that an achievement of one nation has resonated throughout the world in such a positive way, creating generations of dreamers and innovators. We invite you to join us in celebrating the achievements of the Apollo crew,' says Stian.

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Exeter Round Table Fireworks 3rd November 2019

Visit the Exeter Round Table website for more information about the organisation.