As Devon Air Ambulance approaches its 28th Christmas, those who have had need of the service over the course of the year are given pause to consider how very different this festive season might have been were it not for the specialist critical care delivered by Devon Air Ambulance. 

Devon mum, Verity Matthews, describes her gratitude for the service when her young son had need of it earlier this year.

I am a mum to three young boys and when my two-year old son, Joseph, became unwell earlier this year, it was very frightening - he was deteriorating in front of our eyes. I was just so relieved when I learned that Devon Air Ambulance was on its way.

Devon’s two Air Ambulances, owned by and run for the people of Devon, flies up to 19 hours every day, and assisted 1109 patients last year. With an increase in flying hours to 2am, even more patients and their families will have been helped in 2019.

Verity Matthews continues:

We were so grateful that the Devon Air Ambulance paramedics and doctor were able to stabilise Joseph. In the end he was taken to hospital in the land ambulance, but the critical care he received from DAA gave him the time he needed and we are so grateful to them. Christmas this year could have been so different for our family if the Air Ambulance hadn’t been able to bring vital help to our home in time.

Verity Matthews and her family

Many supporters are surprised to learn that Devon Air Ambulance is entirely independent of Government and National lottery funding, relying 100% on the generosity of its supporters, whom the charity serves, to keep the aircraft flying.

It really does take a community to keep the service running.

Says Caroline Creer, Director of Fundraising and Communications, paying tribute to the incredible support received over the last 27 years.

We are launching a special #ItTakesACommunity Christmas appeal to acknowledge the wonderful contributions Devon communities have made in supporting the service and to tell more people about how we are funded and how they can get on board and make a difference too.

However you have supported us and for whatever reason, your help matters to family members, colleagues, neighbours and friends in Devon and beyond when they need us most,” Caroline continues, “Our supporters are very much a part of that same community we serve. Thank you, for helping to save lives by supporting our Christmas appeal.

If you would like to support the Devon Air Ambulance #ItTakesACommunity appeal please visit our Appeals Page to donate this Christmas.

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Getting your business on board this Christmas

Devon Air Ambulance continues to fly thanks entirely to the local and business communities that enthusiastically support us. 

Doubtless your staff are looking forward to a little seasonal fundraising, and there are all sorts of ways your team can get on board to support us this festive season. Our Christmas Pack offers you easy-to-organise fundraising ideas and helpful ways to talk about your fantastic fundraising activity. You can download our campaign assets below.

Do share your photos with us by tagging #ItTakesACommunity on your social channels. 

It takes a community to keep Devon’s Air Ambulances flying and you are part of that community, so thank you for your continued support. 

Download our Christmas Corporate Pack for fun, festive fundraising ideas.

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