You can now help raise funds for life-saving equipment just by doing your usual Tesco shop. Tesco stores across Devon are offering customers the chance to vote with tokens awarded to them at checkout for their chosen charity to receive a grant.

Devon Air Ambulance is hoping to be lucky enough to receive either the £25k, £15k or £10k grant, made possible by the Bags of Help Centenary campaign, depending on how customers vote.

One of these sums would go a long way towards the purchase one of the three mobile intensive care ventilators needed, which cost £25k each.

The ventilators will enable critical care teams to treat a group of patients (both adults and children) that we haven't been able to treat effectively before.

Why are these ventilators special?

Currently Devon Air Ambulance has ventilators on both of its aircraft, which are used to undertake the breathing for patients who are no longer able to breath for themselves. These are the kind of ventilators carried by some road ambulances. 

The new ventilator can be mounted using purpose-built equipment deigned for our helicopters and is robust enough to withstand the rigours of working in the air, helping us to achieve the best possible outcome for our patients.

How do I vote for Devon Air Ambulance?

Next time you d your Tesco shop at any store in Devon, make sure you get your voting token at checkout and simple pop it into our ballot box as you leave the store. The charity with the most votes by 30 September will receive the top grant with the runner up receiving the second amount.

Thank you for your support!

Last year it cost £7.5 million to keep Devon's Air Ambulances flying, which is only possible thanks to our supporters. If you are interested in supporting us then there are lots of ways to help. Find out how to get on board with supporting your local air ambulances.

Thanks to Tesco customers for the  incredible support so far!

(Photo taken in early August from the Exeter Exe Vale store)