Airbase & HQ

Futureproofing our service for the people of Devon

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The Airbase and HQ will be designed to serve all staff from across teams and disciplines, as well as to be a community-facing space where former patients and their families, supporters, volunteers and community groups can visit and engage with the service.

Having a space that is not only fit for our increasingly-busy service, that anticipates future change can only be designed by engaging colleagues from across departments as well as many other stakeholders.

At this very early stage in the planning (spring 2022) Devon Air Ambulance staff across the organisation were involved in an exercise to establish aspirations and visions for the space. Each department has contributed to what they feel will enhance their work, build in further efficiency and will serve the people of Devon who make the service possible. 

This interactive graphic illustrates the input from Comms, Fundraising, Digital & IT, Facilities, Finance and Retail teams. A forthcoming document will include the more detailed operational (aviation and clinical) requirements.