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Telephone: +44 (0)1392 466 666


You've made night time flight time!

We're now flying up to 17 hours a day; until midnight thanks to your support. If you would like to support us by donating regularly why not set up a direct debit payment? Every penny donated truly does make a difference.

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Office and Administration

There are 27 members of staff based at our offices in Exeter.  Of these roles seven are part-time and two are voluntary posts. Roles vary greatly; from administrative duties, communications and marketing, to fundraising and finance.  


We currently have 17 charity shops, each with a full-time Manager and part-time Assistant Manager. The retail team is headed up by our Retail Director Martin Bell.


Our Operations Director Nigel Hare and Flight Operations Director Ian Payne oversee everything operational.  Our aircrew are made up of seven pilots, an engineer, twenty paramedics,  eight doctors, and a team of one Control Officer (HEMS) and eight HEMS (helicopter emergency medical services) dispatchers.

Now let us introduce you to our team properly ..... 

Senior Leadership Team

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Helena Holt

CEO & T/C Director

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Caroline Creer

Fundraising Director, Deputy CEO & T/C Director

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Dave Hawes

Finance Director & T/C Secretary

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Ian Payne

Flight Operations Director

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Martin Bell

Retail Director

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Nigel Hare

Operations Director

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