In 2014 Mark had the misfortune of requiring the assistance of Devon Air Ambulance (DAA) when he fell from an upstairs window to a patio below and landed on his head. He was conveyed to Derriford where he was treated for a head injury and fractured vertebrae.

Mark has gone on to make a full recovery and over the past 3 years has become an avid runner, undertaking many marathons whilst raising funds for DAA. In March 2019 Mark completed the Barcelona Marathon for the second year, and on the 28 April he will be running the iconic London Marathon, his 6th marathon to date.

Mark's training has involved many miles on very tired legs and he's encountered numerous injury niggles along the way, but his determined focus to complete the 26.2 miles, whilst raising as much as possible for DAA, remains.

He added "All (the marathons) have involved fundraising for your wonderful organisation who did so much for myself. I've so many lovely people who have supported me over this 3 year journey, and who continue to do so. I'm forever in their debt, as I am to DAA."

If you would like to support Mark with his fundraising you can donate via his fundraising page.

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