Telephone: 01392 466666 Ext *135

Email: [email protected]

Together with our three Patient Liaison Clinicians, Debbie is there for patients who contact the charity. When appropriate, Debbie will help to facilitate a reunion with the aircrew by inviting former patients to one of several airbase visits throughout the year to give patients and their families an opportunity to see the helicopter (in more relaxed circumstances), to meet the aircrew and to learn more about the service. 

"It’s always so rewarding to hear from the people we help and lovely to be able to let the aircrew know the progress of their patients, especially when there’s been a good outcome from a traumatic incident. Organising patient visits to the airbase is a chance to meet the very people we have helped and can prove hugely beneficial to a patient’s recovery. Working with the people we’ve helped, particularly when they allow us to re-tell their story, enables us to promote the work of the charity through our magazine, website and social media platforms."

Please note that for the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic airbase visits will be put on hold. A member of staff will be in touch to rearrange in due course.