Those in the Fundraising Team never cease to be impressed and astonished by the variety of ways our incredible supporters seek to raise funds for us. 
From nimble-fingered stitchers, to fun-runners and quiz lovers, there is no shortage of creative, fun and interesting ways to champion the charity. 
This year we are inviting our most daring fundraisers to participate in an activity that is considered intrepid by most people's standards... 

A walk in the clouds

As far as dynamic and hair-raising activities go, a fundraiser couldn't hope to fortify themselves more than for a wing-walk fundraiser.
The views are unmatched almost by any other fundraising experience, and the pay-off is not only a lifetime opportunity to gain an incredible experience, but a chance to raise funds for a charity that saves lives from the air.
It's tough at the top though, do you have the nerves needed to take on a sky-high fundraising challenge?

I'm up for it! How much to sign up?

To support Devon Air Ambulance you will need to raise a minimum of £599. Of this, you will pay a £100 deposit when you book - and then raise a further £499. Of this sum, £200 goes to Devon Air Ambulance.
Please be aware that if you do not raise the minimum amount of £599 then you are responsible for paying any shortfall, or you will not be allowed to Wingwalk.

Fundraise for us online or offline

You can use an online giving page such as JustGiving to raise sponsorship. Alternatively, you can raise your Wingwalk costs offline and produce a cheque made payable to Devon Air Ambulance. Please contact our fundraising team via [email protected] to request a sponsor form. 
If you decide to raise all your sponsorship offline, you will be required on the day to bring a cheque made payable to the charity for a minimum of £200 and your sponsorship forms. You would also need to pay the balance of the activity in cash or by card. The sponsorship itself should not be paid in cash.

Great! How do I book my place?

Visit the website Wingwalk Displays to register your interest in setting up a wingwalk fundraising event, to find out more about the experience, and to ask questions of the team.