Please note: this activity relates to 2018, however please do get in touch with us if you would like to support Devon Air Ambulance through the writing of your Will.

Participating law firms across Devon are offering a Will writing service this September for a four-week period beginning with National Air Ambulance Week. During this period they will donate 50% of their standard Will-drafting fees to Devon Air Ambulance. 

Simply book your initial appointment during the period 10th September - 5th October, 2018, and quote 'DAAT Will Scheme offer'. 

The offer is based on the preparation of a standard single Will, or a pair of simple Mirror Wills, at the normal cost charged by the participating firm. 50% of the standard fee is donated directly to the charity by cheque made payable to Devon Air Ambulance Trust by the participant at the initial appointment. The law firm will then invoice the client for the balance of the charge plus any VAT.

The Will does not have to be completed during the promotional period, however, the initial instructions must be taken during the stated time frame and the pledge form and donation paid at the outset.

(It is not a condition of the scheme that a legacy is left to Devon Air Ambulance, however the participating law firm will have the correct wording that can be inserted in the Will should you wish to do so to ensure the charity receives the legacy correctly.)

Ask us about supporting Devon Air Ambulance with a legacy