In 1986 Ann Rallis' son, Ceri, was tragically killed in an accident when he was knocked from his bike in a road collision.

When Ann asked doctors whether there was anything that might have saved her son, they replied that the sooner a patient receives treatment, the better their chances of survival.

This information stayed with Ann and she launched the 'Ceri Thomas Appeal' to raise funds to establish an Air Ambulance in Devon; a service that would save valuable time in getting the expert medical care to patients.

A lasting legacy

With hundreds of miles of road, rugged moorland and remote villages, and two expansive coastlines, as well as an annual influx of tens of thousands of visitors every summer, the establishing of two helicopters in the county has saved hundreds of lives and protected the health of many thousands by cutting the time it would take for a land ambulance to reach those in need.

Over the past 26 years, the two air ambulances have flown over 26,000 missions, and although the loss that inspired the charity's creation can never be softened, it is heartening to those that knew and loved Ceri that the legacy he left has been such a significant one to so many families, friends and communities.

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A legacy can leave a lasting positive impact on those individuals, families and communities serve.

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