South West Water has recently donated a fabulous £5,625 which, added to their previous donations brings their total to a magnificent £33,750. 

In readiness for the provision of our brand new H145 helicopter, G-DAAS, this year’s donation has gone towards two full sets of specialist medical bags: the primary response bag (blue), secondary response bag (red), a Lyoplas bag and an oxygen bag.

The equipment in each 'rucksack' style bag is stored concisely, which should increase the comfort for the user. As our aircrew have had to adapt to wearing additional layers of PPE and the weather continues to be warm, hydration for the aircrew is of paramount importance. We are grateful to South West Water for stepping up with a donation of 40 water bottles. 

This is a brief description of the equipment (pictured below) that this year’s donation went towards:

  • Primary Response Bags (blue): both bags are identical in size and construction. Different colours for identification. Designed to work within the H145 storage module (our new helicopter).
  • Secondary Response Bags (red): this is an improved rucksack design. Internal modules colour coded and printed with reflective text
  • Lyoplas Bag: separated hot and cold compartments. Thinsulate lined for increased thermal properties. Designated storage for blood giving sets and paperwork
  • Oxygen Bag: designed to be stored within the aircraft store system

Dan Jones, Head of Communications for South West Water, said:

We’re delighted to support the great work of Devon Air Ambulance Trust, which provides such a vital service to the communities we serve. Our staff helped choose our charity partners and it’s brilliant to know that this year’s donation is helping the air ambulance with equipment for their new H145.

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