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Missions flown

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Interaction with our ex patients

Posted by on December 12th 2012 in Operational, Patients

Guest Blogger:  Debbie Gregory, Patient Liaision at DAAT

We know that Devon Air Ambulance Trust has undertaken over 18,000 missions since we started in 1992. Due to patient confidentiality, however, we only ever know the most basic of details about the missions our aircrews attend, such as gender, adult or child, where the aircraft was called to and where the patient was taken.

So it is always very gratifying to hear from the people we help. Sometimes it is the patients themselves who contact us, other times it may be a family member but it’s always interesting to hear...

Not just charity shops - our roots in the community!

Posted by on November 30th 2012 in Fundraising

I am so proud of our shops.  My role as Retail Manager, supporting and developing Devon Air Ambulances’ 11 shops all over Devon, is rewarding, occasionally challenging and always diverse.

Our shops are a great way of staying in touch with our supporters and volunteers.  Even in the current climate, we have had a great year thanks to plenty of donations and lots of regular shoppers.

With more and more donors signing up for Gift Aid on their unwanted goods we have generated a staggering £40,000 rebate from the tax man this year.  Amazing!

Good stock is of great...

Pay it Forward - Guest Blogger: Julie Hawker

Posted by on November 5th 2012 in Operational, Patients

Julie with Charlie the Horse

On the morning Thursday 16th August I suffered a multiple, open compound leg fracture whilst out horse-riding (or should that be horse-falling-off!). The Devon Air Ambulance (the North Devon one) arrived on the scene once paramedics had done their assessment and I was whisked away to RD&E Hospital in Exeter for treatment and surgery.  The crew on the Air Ambulance were not only professional and clear, they also provided lots of reassurance for both me and my family who were on the scene by then. It’s not necessarily my preference to have experienced the benefits...

National Air Ambulance Week hailed a great success

Posted by on October 29th 2012 in Events

For the first time this year many of the country’s Air Ambulance charities have joined together, via the Association of Air Ambulances (AAA) to raise awareness and celebrate National Air Ambulance Week (NAAW12).

The AAA is fortunate to have a very high profile patron, Sir David Jason, better known for his character roles as Del Boy in comedy Only Fools and Horses, and Frost.  The Sun and Heart FM have also come on board as media partners this year.

Events across the country vary from ‘Be a Hero for a day’, dress up and dress down days, to fetes. ...

Our iphone app

Posted by on October 26th 2012 in Fundraising

Adam Stone, Rokk Media

Guest Blogger: Adam Stone of Rokk Media talks to use about his company's involvment in the creation of the Devon Air Ambulance app. 

Imagine being miles from anywhere on deepest Dartmoor when you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a horrific accident. Now, thanks to the new Devon Air Ambulance Trust iPhone App, you can not only alert the authorities of your plight, but with the most accurate coordinates available, your chances of a speedy rescue are significantly increased.

Rokk Media developed this unique iPhone app for one of the South West’s leading and best loved charities....

How did we choose our new helicopter?

Posted by on October 8th 2012 in Operational

What made you choose the car you drive?  You probably weighed up all of the options and made an informed decision?  That’s exactly what we did when deciding what make of helicopter to buy for Devon’s second owned aircraft.  We already own an EC135 in Exeter, and the leased aircraft, which the new aircraft is replacing in Autumn 2013 is also the same type.

The reasons we chose the EC135 over other options are primarily operational. These are a few of the considerations which favour the EC135 for our particular needs:

  1. Because of the nature of the incidents we are...

Qualifications needed to become pilot - by Captain Rob Mackie

Posted by on September 24th 2012 in Operational

My name is Rob Mackie and I’m the senior pilot for the Devon Air Ambulance based in Exeter.

The qualitifications needed to become a pilot is a very good one, and one that is not easily answered (but I’ll try my best!). If you’re a parent please excuse me for saying this BUT in theory, you don’t need any specific qualifications to be an Air Ambulance pilot! It might sound a little bit strange saying that, but it’s true. What you do need is a good head for maths, some of which is quite complicated, and a good command of English...

What a busy weekend

Posted by on September 19th 2012 in Operational

Busy Weekend for Devon’s Air Ambulances

Our crews are always busy, but this weekend was one of those extraordinarily busy ones.  In fact in the South West (Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset) during Saturday and Sunday there were 33 Air Ambulance incidents, of which 13 were flown by the two Air Ambulances in Devon.

On the Sunday, Devon’s Air Ambulance flew 9 missions.  However there were also an additional 4 Air Ambulance incidents in the county, which were supported by the Devon & Cornwall Police helicopter, Search and Rescue and Cornwall Air Ambulance also popped over the border to...

Kathryn�s Volunteering Experience

Posted by on September 17th 2012 in Volunteering

Kathryn volunteered for the Charity in our reception area, whilst also studying at University.  Kathryn said…

I decided to start volunteering at Devon Air Ambulance Trust because I had lived in Exeter for two years whilst studying at the University, and I felt it was time to give something back to the community that had become my home. Also, this was the first position that came up on the volunteering website. I am, of course, joking when I state that was the reason I applied; I have always been a supporter of the various Air Ambulance organisations that exist...

Why don�t we carry blood on board?

Posted by on September 10th 2012 in Operational

You may have read recently that our friends at the London Air Ambulance are now carrying blood supplies on board.  We’ve been asked whether we are going to be doing the same.  The simple answer is no.  This is why:

The service provided by the London Air Ambulance is significantly different to the service we provide because the two services have developed to meet very different needs.  London HEMS are implementing a very innovative scheme within the UK and we very much look forward to following its progress and the results they achieve. There are a few similar schemes in place...

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