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Kathryn�s Volunteering Experience

Posted by on September 17th 2012 in Volunteering

Kathryn volunteered for the Charity in our reception area, whilst also studying at University.  Kathryn said…

I decided to start volunteering at Devon Air Ambulance Trust because I had lived in Exeter for two years whilst studying at the University, and I felt it was time to give something back to the community that had become my home. Also, this was the first position that came up on the volunteering website. I am, of course, joking when I state that was the reason I applied; I have always been a supporter of the various Air Ambulance organisations that exist...

Why don�t we carry blood on board?

Posted by on September 10th 2012 in Operational

You may have read recently that our friends at the London Air Ambulance are now carrying blood supplies on board.  We’ve been asked whether we are going to be doing the same.  The simple answer is no.  This is why:

The service provided by the London Air Ambulance is significantly different to the service we provide because the two services have developed to meet very different needs.  London HEMS are implementing a very innovative scheme within the UK and we very much look forward to following its progress and the results they achieve. There are a few similar schemes in place...

Our new blog ââ?¬â?? work experience

Posted by on September 4th 2012 in Volunteering

Well it’s taken us a while, but at last we have our new blog up and running.  We hope that you will find it enjoyable and informative to read.

This is a very short first blog post, but we’ll be doing one blog a week.  We want it to tell you about things that you want to know as well.

So if you have a question or idea for future blogs why not post them?

For the first time this year we have offered work experience placements in our offices, and they have truly proved to be valuable, as...

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