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Andrea's new adventure

Posted by on July 23rd 2013 in Events

I will blame ≠devonhour for getting me into another adventure… I was merrily taking part in the twitter devonhour where you tweet with local businesses and organisations on a Wedensday night. I saw DAAT mentioned the sea swim and suddenly I find myself signed up, signing my friends up and now writing this blog!

I am a bit of a soft touch when it comes to the Devon Air Ambulance. My darling son was airlifted twice after suffering a skull fracture on Christmas morning 2012. Freddie was only three when he fell from his sisters’ bedroom window down to...

Operations Director question and answer

Posted by on April 5th 2013 in Operational

We asked our Operations Manager and paramedic Nigel Hare a few questions, to give you an insight into what working with the Devon Air Ambulance is like for him…

What is your working day like on the Air Ambulance?

Once the equipment and the aircraft is fully checked the crew have a briefing outlining aspects such as the weather, tide times, and on the moors, details of whether the firing ranges are in use. From that point onward we are ready to respond to emergency calls.

Each day starts with a full check of all our equipment. That is both...

Kidz First Aid support

Posted by on March 25th 2013 in business on board, Fundraising

Guest blogger:  Katie Finn, Kidz First Aid

I am a paediatric nurse and after many enjoyable years of working in Paediatric A&E settings I realised that first aid information specific to children’s emergency procedures is not easily obtainable for parents so I decided to go it alone and set up Kidz First Aid. My aim is to give parents peace of mind and confidence, so they know what to do if things go wrong.

To spread the word of my courses I decided to exhibit at a baby fair but felt I needed to have a product on offer...

Therapy Works South West visit DAAT HQ

Posted by on March 18th 2013 in Fundraising

By Sarah Collier, Therapy Works South West

Devon Air Ambulance Trust provide an invaluable service and we thought the DAAT staff could probably do with some attention themselves. We /Therapy Works South West arrived at the Exeter head office to a warm welcome and set up our special massage chairs in a pleasant office space sandwiched between two busy meeting rooms. Some of the 14 members of staff we saw had never had any kind of massage before and didn’t know what to expect from Seated Acupressure Massage- their 30 minute appointment convinced them of the benefits! In fact,...

Why I got involved with Devon Air Ambulance Trust

Posted by on March 5th 2013 in business on board

When I was asked to write a blog for Devon Air Ambulance I decided to take some time to think about the charity and why working with them is so important to me.

As a freelance designer I rarely have the luxury of picking and choosing my customers, but I have to say I am in the fortunate position of genuinely “liking” all of my clients and Devon Air Ambulance is at the top of that list. Not only are they an inspiring group of people to work with, the charity itself provides an essential service for our beautiful...

Julie is back in action and supporting the Daat team

Posted by on February 13th 2013 in Patients

It was my absolute privilege to spend the day with the DAAT staff team last week providing them with a workshop on using Facebook and how it can be used to bring even more support and encouragement to their brilliant work. We had a really good day going over the features of the social network, how to make the most of time spent communicating and connecting with others, and of course how we can develop DAAT pages, groups and campaigns further in the months ahead. Some of the team were a bit reluctant about it all and others only using...

Working together

Posted by on January 21st 2013 in business on board

Working together

Highway maintenance is one of the key services SWH provides across the region. This can range from winter maintenance, drainage improvements, road marking, excavation and traffic management.

SWH began supporting Devon Air Ambulance Trust (DAAT) in 2010 after asking staff to vote for a preferred charity. We get inundated with requests for support from charities, and while we help where we can, we felt it was important to have a clear attachment to one that our staff believe in.

Very often we attend the scene of accidents along Devon’s roads and motorways and often work closely with...

New Devon Air Ambulance

Posted by on January 17th 2013 in Operational

Blogger:  Nigel Hare, Operations Manager and Operational Aircrew

January marked an exciting time for Devon Air Ambulance Trust as the new helicopter, funded by the people of Devon to help enhance our service, arrived in England and has started the transformation into an Air Ambulance. This is the next stage in its 18 month journey from drawing board to operational use.

There are many advantages in Devon Air Ambulance owning its own helicopters, as opposed to leasing them, including the ability to specify what level and type of equipment the aircraft will have. This means not only do our...

Best possible tasking to incidents crucial

Posted by on January 8th 2013 in Operational

Nigel Hare – Operations Manager and Paramedic/Aircrew

by guest blogger Nigel Hare, Operations Manager, Paramedic/Aircrew of Devon Air Ambulance Trust

Man who stopped breathing helped by Devon Air Ambulance

On Thursday 3 January at 1225 hours I was on shift at the Exeter airbase when we were tasked to go to Okehampton. We were deployed just one minute after the 999 call was received. The call advised that an elderly man had stopped breathing.

We are continuously looking via our HEMS desk (helicopter emergency medical services) at the best possible tasking to incidents, where speed really can make a difference....

Challenging Landing - 1 January 2013

Posted by on January 2nd 2013 in Operational

Teignmouth Beach – 1 January 2013 by Nicola Courtier

The first day of the year was a relatively busy one for Devon’s Air Ambulances, with three jobs in total.

At 1139 hours our Exeter based helicopter was called to Teignmouth beach to an adult male with a suspected cardiac arrest.  The helicopter was allocated just 2 minutes after the 999  call was received!

Flying that day Senior Base Pilot,  Captain Rob Mackie.  This job shows just some of the challenges that the crew face on a daily basis.  Here’s Rob…

“On approach to Teignmouth beach, I could see there were...

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