Four years ago, former patient, Jack Smiddy, championed his brother's team at the 2015 Dragonboat Festival, which was raising money for Devon Air Ambulance following the serious motorbike accident that changed Jack's life forever.

In July 2014 I had a motorbike accident, which left me fighting for my life. Thankfully, the Devon Air Ambulance flew me to Derriford Hospital quickly, which saved my life. But I was left with life-changing injuries: an above-the-knee amputation.

When I was recovering in hospital, after numerous surgeries, my brother informed me that he was going to take part in the Dragon Boat Festival to raise much-needed money for the Air Ambulance. This gave me a new goal: I would attend the festival to cheer on his team.

I was discharged a few days before the race and was able to watch it and enjoy the day. My brother’s team not only competed, but went on to win the festival.

This is a great event for an amazing charity and I highly recommend getting a team together to raise the funds needed to keep Devon’s two Air Ambulances flying.

In 2018 it cost £7.5 million to keep Devon's Air Ambulances flying. As a 100% independent charity it's only thanks to our incredible supporters that we are able to reach this sum. 

If you'd like to support your Air Ambulances why not get your team signed up for this year's Dragonboat festival? Or find out about some of the other ways you can get involved, from becoming a lottery member, volunteering, or setting up your own fundraiser, to making a one off donation or remembering us in your will

Pictured: Jack (far left) with his brother’s winning team