Fashion Revolution Week 2019 begins on 22nd April this year. The global awareness week focuses on fair pay and conditions for garment and textile workers globally, the maintenance and support of traditional textile crafts and skills the world over, and how to minimise the significant negative environmental impact of the fashion industry.

In the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle waste hierarchy, the charity shop sector has long been the go-to shopping experience for those looking to tread lightly on the planet and stop good garments from going to waste, but charity shop-shopping is also great for savvy shoppers looking for the perfect fit for their wardrobe at a good price and a great way to discover some real bargains.

Many shoppers are swapping buying the high street's fast, low-quality items that are referred to in the media as 'disposable fashion', for putting in some quality time browsing the rails for pre-loved jackets, suits, shirts, skirts, shoes, dresses, accessories and more that are available in abundance in charity shops across the UK. 

Secondhand fashion for a first-rate service

By choosing secondhand, not only are the nation's charity shoppers helping to alleviate the strain on the planet's resources, but by voting with their wallets to support their local charity shops, customers and donors are also supporting causes that are close to the heart of their community. 

Although the income made from our 19 Devon Air Ambulance charity shops is an important contributor to the independent charity's funding, the retail wing of the charity functions as far more than a repository for secondhand items.

As well as the sale of donated items going towards the running of the county's two emergency aircraft, the shops also represent a community hub, where local people engage with the charity that serves them. 

Here they can find out more about the charity, the events, fundraisers and activities that the charity supports; get involved as volunteers and fundraisers themselves, and find out more about the direct impact the charity has on those patients who need emergency support when every second counts.

Review our infographic below to see why when you shop secondhand you are not only alleviating the strain on the planet's resources, but also helping your Air Ambulances. 

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