Have you spotted our Helicopter back in the sky?

In previous news we outlined how multiple teams here at Devon Air Ambulance have been working together to find solutions which will enable uto safely resume our air operations. 

This week marks the culmination of several weeks of very hard work and collaboration as we begin training flights and simulation with new equipment which will enable our helicopters to respond to emergency calls whilst fully safeguarding our patients and aircrew.  

Our new separation barrier is now fully fitted enabling us to separate the cockpit from the patient treatment area, therefore protecting patients, pilots and clinicians. In addition, new microphone kits are also being tested enabling clear communication for everyone on board. This microphone is worn around the neck (above the larynx) and picks up sound which in turn feeds into the helicopter comms system.  

The final vital new piece of Personal Protective Equipment is our full face visors - Babcock Marine (in Plymouth) have designed a bracket to be secured to aviation helmets allowing full-face visors to be fitted and worn. This means our aircrew will be protected when undertaking AGPs such as CPR, intubation and other procedures to safeguard a patient's airway, as recommended by Public Health England. 

We would like to wish our critical care paramedics and pilots all the best today whilthey put all our new developments to the test.  

Please keep an eye on your social media pages as we are confident that our life saving service by air will resume within a matter of days.  

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