Retail Manager, Martin Bell, discusses his pride in the Devon Air Ambulance charity shops.

I am so proud of our shops. My role as Retail Manager, supporting and developing Devon Air Ambulances’ 19 shops all over Devon, is rewarding, occasionally challenging and always diverse.

Our shops are a great way of staying in touch with our supporters and volunteers. Even in the current climate, we have had a great year thanks to plenty of donations and lots of regular shoppers.

With more and more donors signing up for Gift Aid on their unwanted goods we have generated huge rebates from the tax man each year, which means more money goes towards delivering our lifesaving service.

Good stock is of great value but, thanks to an excellent partnership with our rag merchant, we are able to recycle almost everything we receive even if it does not sell. Mind you, there have been one or two items that we’ve been completely flummoxed by, including a glass eye with a special tool for removal.

Any time of year is a good time to clear a bit of space at home, particularly in the wardrobes and the kids’ bedrooms. Just remember to check the pockets before you hand over your old jackets! We look forward to seeing you soon.

Read more about the donations you can make to our charity shops or find a Devon Air Ambulance charity shop near where you live.