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Julie is back in action and supporting the Daat team

Posted by on February 13th 2013 in Patients

It was my absolute privilege to spend the day with the DAAT staff team last week providing them with a workshop on using Facebook and how it can be used to bring even more support and encouragement to their brilliant work. We had a really good day going over the features of the social network, how to make the most of time spent communicating and connecting with others, and of course how we can develop DAAT pages, groups and campaigns further in the months ahead. Some of the team were a bit reluctant about it all and others only using...

Interaction with our ex patients

Posted by on December 12th 2012 in Operational, Patients

Guest Blogger:  Debbie Gregory, Patient Liaision at DAAT

We know that Devon Air Ambulance Trust has undertaken over 18,000 missions since we started in 1992. Due to patient confidentiality, however, we only ever know the most basic of details about the missions our aircrews attend, such as gender, adult or child, where the aircraft was called to and where the patient was taken.

So it is always very gratifying to hear from the people we help. Sometimes it is the patients themselves who contact us, other times it may be a family member but it’s always interesting to hear...

Pay it Forward - Guest Blogger: Julie Hawker

Posted by on November 5th 2012 in Operational, Patients

Julie with Charlie the Horse

On the morning Thursday 16th August I suffered a multiple, open compound leg fracture whilst out horse-riding (or should that be horse-falling-off!). The Devon Air Ambulance (the North Devon one) arrived on the scene once paramedics had done their assessment and I was whisked away to RD&E Hospital in Exeter for treatment and surgery.  The crew on the Air Ambulance were not only professional and clear, they also provided lots of reassurance for both me and my family who were on the scene by then. It’s not necessarily my preference to have experienced the benefits...

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