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Over £2,000 raised for Devon Air Ambulance 12 years after aircraft crash

Posted by on August 19th 2016 in Events, Fundraising, Patients

Over £2,000 raised for Devon Air Ambulance 12 years after aircraft crash

Former patient and long-standing supporter Alan Gill and his wife Jennifer raised over £2,000 for Devon Air Ambulance (DAA) with an Open Day in the Barn as a joint celebration of Alan’s 75th birthday and Alan and Jennifer’s 5th wedding anniversary.

On Saturday 30th July 2016 Alan and Jennifer opened their barn to friends and family and raised an incredible £1,961.89. The event saw a terrific turn out with over 200 guests, including from as far as Doncaster and Essex. DAA are also awaiting the Gift Aid donation from HMRC which was made on some of the day’s donations...

A heartfelt thank you

Posted by on June 21st 2016 in General charity, Patients

Kate meets paramedic Glenn at Eaglescott

Kate was sadly born with six holes in her heart, but didn’t find this out until she had a stroke at age 39 and then suffered a variety of serious and life threatening conditions such as Ventricular Tachycardia (racing heart beat), Atrial Fibrillation (which causes the heart to beat irregularly causing tiredness, dizziness and shortness of breath), as well as Ventricular Fibrillation (where the heart goes into spasm and stops beating ). The severity of the symptoms of these conditions resulted in Kate having several collapses and blackouts. Between 2006 and 2013, Kate describes having being airlifted from Bude “on...

Unexpected end to bike ride

Posted by on May 31st 2016 in General charity, Patients

Jamil recovers in hospital following his nasty bike accident

A motorcycle ride takes a wrong turn, but Devon Air Ambulance are to hand to save a leg.

On 10th October 2014 a motor bike ride with a friend whilst visiting family in Devon turned into an encounter with a lorry that Jamil will never forget.

Jamil, who lives and works as an Advertising Account Manager in London, remembers everything about the events on that day and recalls being home for a long weekend visiting family and catching up with friends whilst he had a few days off between jobs.  Jamil and his friend had just had lunch in Dawlish and...

Precision landing for tennis playing patient

Posted by on May 23rd 2016 in General charity, Patients

Precision landing for tennis playing patient

John Walster and his wife Jackie, from West Alvington near Kingsbridge, were enjoying a weekend away at the Manor House Hotel near Okehampton in May last year, reunited with 23 friends from the amateur dramatic group they had been part of when they lived in East Horsley in Surrey.  The hotel offers sports, activities and crafts for all guests and the Walsters were enjoying a game of tennis doubles with friends Jack Griffith and Jeff Luther when John collapsed. 

Rushing to his aid, his wife Jackie started mouth-to-mouth while Jeff did compressions on John’s chest. Meanwhile, Jack ran back to...

Cardiac arrest for Derrick on Christmas Day

Posted by on May 23rd 2016 in General charity, Patients

Cardiac arrest for Derrick on Christmas Day

Father and son time…

Derrick Small lives in Chatham in Kent and was enjoying a Christmas break with his wife, Janet, and their son and future daughter-in-law, David and Fran, at Fran’s parent’s Bed & Breakfast in Poundstock, near Bude.

On Christmas morning 2014, Derrick and his son took themselves off for a cycle ride around the North Cornish lanes where they were staying.  “We knew that Fran’s parents were busy getting everything ready for luch so we were really happy to make the most of some quality time out, doing what we both love,” explained Derrick.

The scenic route took in many...

Ground breaking clinical development degree for air paramedics

Posted by on January 11th 2016 in General discussion, Operational, Patients

New qualification will create Devon as a centre of excellence for pre-hospital critical care

A ground-breaking collaboration between Devon Air Ambulance Trust (DAAT) and Plymouth University has resulted in a new Master’s Degree course for Paramedic air crew aimed at making them amongst the highest qualified in the profession.

The first module on the MSc Pre-hospital Critical Care/Transport and Retrieval degree started in early September and over a three year period studying for a minimum of 10 hours a week, 20 paramedics will gain this new qualification and will be encouraged to contribute to advancing the body of knowledge underpinning pre-hospital critical...

Exeter Airbase Visit Testimonials

Posted by on October 21st 2015 in business on board, Charity of the year, Fundraising, General charity, Patients

Exeter Airbase Visit Testimonials

On rare occasions we are able to get some of our patients, outstanding fundraisers and volunteers together to visit our airbases and learn more about the service they have needed to use, or are supporting in some way. Due to patient confidentiality, we don't know who we airlift, so when our patients get in touch, we are fortunately able to offer them a visit to see the helicopter and meet the crew under far more controlled conditions. 

Here are just a couple of examples of the experiences our patients and supporters had at a recent visit to our Exeter Airbase: 


“It was...

It started as just another normal Lauren's story

Posted by on September 2nd 2015 in General charity, Patients

It started as just another normal Lauren's story

Every month, Devon Air Ambulance comes to the aid of those who have either had an accident or suffering from a medical emergency across the county of Devon. 

With accidents happening on a daily basis you never know when you might need your local Air Ambulance. One particular story we would like to share with you is what happened to little Lauren.

Lauren's day started as a perfectly normal day that ended up in her facing life-threatening injuries. View Lauren's story here...

Please help us to keep saving lives.

For more information on the service we provide click here, or if you would like to make a donation then...

Twiggy bolts and Addy falls

Posted by on August 26th 2015 in Operational, Patients

Twiggy bolts and Addy falls

“They were just tremendous, ” were the words of Adrienne Chichester from Mary Tavy when asked about the Devon Air Ambulance paramedics who looked after her when she was thrown from her horse in a remote part of Dartmoor just before Christmas last year.

“My friend and I were out riding at White Tor, near Peter Tavy,” explained Adrienne, known as Addy. 

“I have been riding for years and had owned Twiggy for two years.  She was a little frisky that day so my friend went on while I sorted Twiggy out.  A short while later Twiggy seemed much calmer...

Andy is living life to the full

Posted by on August 17th 2015 in Operational, Patients

Andy is living life to the full

One Sunday lunchtime in June 2010, Andrew and his friend Tony were  out on their motorbikes, enjoying the spring sunshine. 

Just outside Torrington, on a long slow bend up the hill, Andy realised that he had a problem – his back tyre collapsed after hitting a bump and was deflating fast, leaving him with no control or steering.  As he and his bike slowed down, Andy saw a car coming towards him but, despite his best efforts, he was unable to avoid a head on collision. 

To Tony’s horror, he watched as his mate flew over the handle bars of his bike...

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