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What our clinical advances mean for patients

Posted by on March 13th 2018 in General charity, General discussion, Operational

What our clinical advances mean for patients

It's British Science Week (9-18 March, 2018), so we thought it would be a great opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the clinical advances of our paramedic team and how they have improved patient care over recent years.

The sky's the limit for pre-hospital critical care

For the last two years our clinical team has been working towards a degree for air paramedics at Plymouth University and are now studying in their final year. After their first year they became 'Specialist Paramedics – Critical Care’  with the option to continue studying in years 2 and 3.

This is a new qualification that Devon Air...

Stay safe on your Devon winter walk

Posted by on February 4th 2018 in General charity, Operational, Uncategorised

Stay safe on your Devon winter walk

Few sights are more complelling than a frosted moorland scene, or a soothing seascape beneath a chill winter sky. A wintry stroll, either to walk off a hearty pub lunch or in advance of one, is also one of the best ways to enjoy such settings, and Devon has not shortage of rural and rugged views.

With the allure of fresh air and cool light, outdoor activities such as riding and sports have a particular draw, but it’s important to be conscious that winter activities present certain hazards that we’re keen to avoid in order to minimise your chances of needing the...

Ten Years On

Posted by on February 17th 2017 in General charity, Operational, Patients

Dave meets DAA team

For Dave Farr, of West Charleton near Kingsbridge, 15th February always brings back memories.  And this year it will be 10 years since Dave suffered a life-changing accident.

Dave was working for a steel erecting company at the time and he and his colleagues were moving some steel shuttering at a farm near Whimple when things went horrifically wrong. A sheet of the shuttering destabilised and fell, almost ‘cutting Dave in half’. The loss of blood was immediate and, as Dave collapsed, his colleagues called for immediate help.

The farmer had also witnessed the emergency and stressed to the 999 call-taker the...

Helicopter targeted by laser

Posted by on January 24th 2017 in Operational

Captain Rob Mackie

At 2150 on the evening of 20th January in the Tedburn St Mary area one of Devon’s Air Ambulances was targeted by a green coloured laser. The crew were on their way to Holsworthy to help an elderly lady who had fallen and needed essential medical treatment at the major trauma centre in Plymouth.

The increasing sales of powerful hand held laser pens have always been considered to be a viable threat to all aircraft but this is the first significant incident involving Devon Air Ambulance, which has occurred only a few weeks after the introduction of night operations.

Rob Mackie, DAA’s...

Community landing site takes off in East Prawle

Posted by on January 9th 2017 in Operational

Community landing site takes off in East Prawle

If you hear a helicopter at night it’s quite possible it will be Devon’s Air Ambulance which is now flying into the hours of darkness; in fact up to midnight every day.

There are currently 25 fully operational landing sites up and running, with over a 100 further night landing sites in developmen.  There will soon also be one in East Prawle.

The Charity funded service has been working hard with communities across Devon since January 2016 to build a network of community night landing sites.  These sites are pre surveyed and have state of the art lighting technology with remote switching...

APPGAA Reception hosted at Houses of Parliament

Posted by on December 13th 2016 in Events, General charity, General discussion, Operational

APPGAA Air Ambulance Reception

A reception held by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Air Ambulances (APPGAA) took place on the House of Commons Terrace, Westminster on 28 November 2016. The event, hosted by Chairman of the APPGAA Jim Fitzpatrick MP for Poplar and Limehouse, gave members of both Houses of Parliament the opportunity to meet with representatives from air ambulance charities and ambulance services.

Jim introduced Rob Wilson MP, Minister for Social Society who thanked the APPGAA for all their hard work before addressing the audience.  Rob highlighted the excellent outcome of the Autumn Statement last week where air ambulances were a major beneficiary...

Pilot's update

Posted by on December 7th 2016 in Operational

Captain Richie Tate

As one of the pilots who work for Devon Air Ambulance I thought it would be helpful to share some information with everyone about what progress we have made to date with our landing sites, and some of the challenges we face as pilots when flying at night.

I thought you might also be interested to learn about how our training has been going and some of the real benefits of having our new community landing sites ready to go ‘live’ – something which will really help us to save lives after dark across as many of our communities as possible.


Devon Air Ambulance wins Innovation Award

Posted by on November 25th 2016 in Operational

Association of Air AMbulances

Last week Devon Air Ambulance picked up a prestigious award for innovation at the Association of Air Ambulances’ Awards of Excellence.  The award for in relation the creation of an MSc Pre-Hospital Critical Care/Transport and Retrieval Degree.

Heléna Holt, Chief Executive of Devon Air Ambulance said “We are delighted with the award for innovation.  The Masters degree truly does put Devon on the map as being a centre for ground breaking clinical development for Air Ambulance aircrew.  We are very proud of our development team who have worked together with Plymouth University to create the degree.”

Devon Air Ambulance has substantially improved...

Devon Air Ambulance awarded Libor (Banking Fines) Fund Grant

Posted by on November 23rd 2016 in General charity, General discussion, Operational

Devon Air Ambulance night flying

It was announced in the Autumn Statement by the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP today that further grants were being made from the Libor (Bank Fines) Fund to emergency services charities.  Devon Air Ambulance are delighted to announce that £1 million has been awarded to facilitate night landing sites.

Heléna Holt, CEO of Devon Air Ambulance explains “We applied for a £1 million grant on behalf of the Devon community, to assist in funding community landing sites across the county. We were so pleased to hear this morning that we had been awarded the grant.”


Night Flying and Community Landings

Posted by on October 10th 2016 in General charity, Operational

Night Flying and Community Landings

This time of year the nights are drawing in, but we’re delighted to say that the Devon Air Ambulance service won’t be! Thanks to the help of communities and organisations across Devon, we are now able to start flying into the hours of darkness. So, why is night flying important and how has it been achieved?


Why Night Flying?

Devon Air Ambulance has been operating for over 20 years, helping people in need of urgent medical support who often can’t be reached quickly enough by road. Our air ambulances can reach people across the whole of Devon in just minutes, even in...

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