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What our clinical advances mean for patients

Posted by on March 13th 2018 in General charity, General discussion, Operational

What our clinical advances mean for patients

It's British Science Week (9-18 March, 2018), so we thought it would be a great opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the clinical advances of our paramedic team and how they have improved patient care over recent years.

The sky's the limit for pre-hospital critical care

For the last two years our clinical team has been working towards a degree for air paramedics at Plymouth University and are now studying in their final year. After their first year they became 'Specialist Paramedics – Critical Care’  with the option to continue studying in years 2 and 3.

This is a new qualification that Devon Air...

On International Women's Day we asked our staff about the women who inspired them

Posted by on March 8th 2018 in General discussion

On International Women's Day we asked our staff about the women who inspired them

Devon Air Ambulance is powered 100% by people. Our supporters, volunteers and teams are dedicated, committed, and passionate about what they do, and this passion is what makes a meaningful difference to the lives of people in Devon.

Today is International Women’s Day, which is a great date on the global calendar because, as many of us know, it acknowledges and celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, while also calling for gender parity in work and far beyond.

At Devon Air Ambulance we know that equality improves life for everyone, so we wanted to embrace the opportunity to...

A student volunteer's Devon Air Ambulance experience

Posted by on February 19th 2018 in General discussion, Volunteering

A student volunteer's Devon Air Ambulance experience

Volunteer Co-ordinator, Cara Jones, chats to Natalia Lopes, one of Devon Air Ambulance's fantastic student volunteers. Here's what Natalie had to say about her experience with the charity. 

How did you hear about Devon Air Ambulance?

I originally heard about Devon Air Ambulance from my mother-in-law, who moved to Devon from the Midlands,. She was a member of the Women's Institute, an organisation that often promotes events together with DAAT.

What inspired you to volunteer for Devon Air Ambulance?

After I'd arrived in England from Brazil, one of the first things that I noticed was how volunteering was such an important institution. I started noticing how many...

Your stories help us to be heard

Posted by on February 5th 2018 in General charity, General discussion, Patients

Photograph: Billy Griffiths

Every year, our helicopters and paramedic crew attend hundreds of missions the length and breadth of Devon. In 2017 we assisted 990 patients, 12% of whom were children and infants.

We’ve attended incidents from traffic collisions and motorcross accidents to equestrian and sports injuries. Accidents and medical incidents can befall anyone at any time, and everyone who lives in Devon is eligible to be helped by us – and we want to get to each patient as quickly as possible.

Patient confidentiality

Because of patient confidentiality we don’t have access to more than the most general information about the missions our crews attend:...

7 ways to make a difference in 2018

Posted by on December 20th 2017 in General charity, General discussion, Uncategorised

The Commando Challenge is one of the most popular events on the Devon Air Ambulance calendar

Midnight has chimed, the Hootenanny is over, the fireworks have finished and everyone’s just about managed to stumble their way through Auld Lang Syne. Not long after all this, thoughts turn to New Year’s resolutions…

There’s a lot of pressure to create a ‘new you’; a fitter you, a more accomplished you – someone who will shed their winter pounds within weeks and stays calm in traffic. But at Devon Air Ambulance we don’t think you need to create a ‘better’ you to make the most of the fresh year ahead. To us it’s more about embracing the best parts of yourself...

Giving Tuesday

Posted by on November 20th 2017 in Events, Fundraising, General discussion, Lottery, Retail

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is your opportunity to pledge your support to Devon Air Ambulance, by being part of a global day of giving something back.

Giving Tuesday immediately follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so after doing some early Christmas shopping or buying yourself something special, you can give something back to your local community. Giving Tuesday is a day all about supporting a special charity and we think we fit the bill.

As an independent charity, we rely wholly on the generosity of people, businesses and the communities of Devon to raise the vital funds needed to keep our helicopters airborne. It...

How Technology has changed over the past 25 years.

Posted by on August 25th 2017 in General discussion

How Technology has changed over the past 25 years.


Devon Air Ambulance is delighted to be celebrating its 25th Anniversary. Twenty five years ago on 27 August 1992 our first mission was flown.  At this time our aircrew only flew five days a week. Since then we have continued to make great strides as a service putting us in a position where we are now able to reach any emergency situation in the county quickly; from the moors to the shores.

We are celebrating our 25th Anniversary with our ‘Say it with Silver’ campaign which is helping to raise the vital funds needed to keep Devon’s Air Ambulances flying and...

The Top 5 Cake Ideas for 2017’s Bake Off for Take Off

Posted by on July 28th 2017 in Events, Fundraising, General charity, General discussion

The Top 5 Cake Ideas for 2017’s Bake Off for Take Off

If you’ve been baking masterpieces your whole life, or have never cracked an egg but love decadent pudding, we have the perfect event for you!

With National Air Ambulance Week from the 11-17th of September, Devon Air Ambulance is helping you to organise your very own “Bake Off for Take Off” event during this week to help raise funds to support the charity.

Whether it’s a coffee morning at the office, a school bake sale, or just at home with friends, we want to help you plan and host your own cake event. For those excited to get baking, we’ve come up with...

Reserves Day 2017

Posted by on June 20th 2017 in General discussion

Reserves Day 2017

Reserves Day is on Wednesday 21st June, in honour of the reservists who give up their spare time to serve in the Forces. Reservists make up approximately 1/6 of Armed Forces personnel, and are essential for supporting military operations across the world. As well as reservists, Saturday 24th June marks Armed Forces Day, and aims to celebrate the wider armed forces community, including cadets, Service families and veterans.

With these two important occasions approaching, we want to show our support and appreciation for everyone at Devon Air Ambulance, from volunteers to aircrew and staff, who has served in the Reserve Forces...

Why Devon Air Ambulance has not paid the Fundraising Regulator Levy

Posted by on June 14th 2017 in Fundraising, General charity, General discussion

Why Devon Air Ambulance has not paid the Fundraising Regulator Levy
Why Devon Air Ambulance has not paid the Fundraising Regulator Levy

By Heléna Holt, Chief Executive, Devon Air Ambulance

On 1st November 2016, we received an email from the newly formed Fundraising Regulator asking us to pay a voluntary levy in order to fund their operating costs.  The email made it clear that there is currently no legal requirement to pay this levy although it explained that the government “took reserve powers in the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016 to enforce payment of the levy should that become necessary.”

On 10th November 2016 we received an invoice for £1500 for this...

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