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Stay safe on your Devon winter walk

Posted by on February 4th 2018 in General charity, Operational, Uncategorised

Stay safe on your Devon winter walk

Few sights are more complelling than a frosted moorland scene, or a soothing seascape beneath a chill winter sky. A wintry stroll, either to walk off a hearty pub lunch or in advance of one, is also one of the best ways to enjoy such settings, and Devon has not shortage of rural and rugged views.

With the allure of fresh air and cool light, outdoor activities such as riding and sports have a particular draw, but it’s important to be conscious that winter activities present certain hazards that we’re keen to avoid in order to minimise your chances of needing the...

Hall and Woodhouse announces two year Charity Partnership with local Air Ambulances

Posted by on February 2nd 2018 in Charity of the year, Events, Fundraising, General charity

Hall and Woodhouse announces two year Charity Partnership with local Air Ambulances

Hall and Woodhouse announces two year Charity Partnership with local Air Ambulances

Leading independent brewer, Hall & Woodhouse, is delighted to announce it has chosen eight local air ambulance charities as its Charity Partner for the next two years.

Devon Air Ambulance Trust, Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance, Great Western Air Ambulance Charity, Hampshire and IOW Air Ambulance, Kent Surrey Sussex Air Ambulance, London’s Air Ambulance, Thames Valley Air Ambulance and Wiltshire Air Ambulance are all set to be equal beneficiaries of the fundraising partnership.

Fifty-one Hall & Woodhouse public houses are taking part in supporting the life-saving...

Luke Adams Memorial Night

Posted by on January 19th 2018 in Fundraising, General charity

Luke Adams Memorial Night
Luke Adams Memorial Night Friends and family gather to rock and roll in memory of Luke

 In memory of Luke Adams


23/12/1993 - 12/09/2017

There is no single word that describes Luke, he was an animated and high-spirited person who never took off his cheesy grin. Luke was a person that would befriend anyone and everyone. This led to him being a tough person to pin down, whether he was out playing football for North Molton, South Molton and even Chittlehampton or camping at car shows with the Devon Cruisers or just having a pint. With his energetic social...

7 ways to make a difference in 2018

Posted by on December 20th 2017 in General charity, General discussion, Uncategorised

The Commando Challenge is one of the most popular events on the Devon Air Ambulance calendar

Midnight has chimed, the Hootenanny is over, the fireworks have finished and everyone’s just about managed to stumble their way through Auld Lang Syne. Not long after all this, thoughts turn to New Year’s resolutions…

There’s a lot of pressure to create a ‘new you’; a fitter you, a more accomplished you – someone who will shed their winter pounds within weeks and stays calm in traffic. But at Devon Air Ambulance we don’t think you need to create a ‘better’ you to make the most of the fresh year ahead. To us it’s more about embracing the best parts of yourself...

Calling All Heroes!

Posted by on September 8th 2017 in Events, Fundraising, General charity

Be a Hero

As part of National Air Ambulance week (NAAW), from 11 to 17 September Devon Air Ambulance is looking for your support! This annual event helps to raise awareness about the vital and lifesaving work that is carried out by air ambulances across the UK, with charities like ours receiving additional support from local communities, businesses and individuals.

This year, Devon Air Ambulance is inviting our supporters to hold their very own Be a Hero day.

Devon Air Ambulance’s Be a Hero Day is a great way to fundraise, whether it’s in your school, college or business. To get involved, all you need...

Celebrating 25 years of lifesaving service

Posted by on August 29th 2017 in General charity

Celebrating 25 years of lifesaving service

Devon Air Ambulance will be celebrating 25 years of lifesaving service in style at Darts Farm this September.  Why not pop 9 September in your diary now to make sure you don’t miss coming along and enjoying the fun from 9.30am to 4pm.

Heléna Holt, CEO of Devon Air Ambulance said “It’s hard to believe the service is approaching 25 years of service. In that time we have flown over 24,500 lifesaving missions.

She added “It’s important to us to remember our roots. Devon Air Ambulance was born from great sadness.  Ann Ralli tragically lost her son Ceri, aged just 18, in...

The Top 5 Cake Ideas for 2017’s Bake Off for Take Off

Posted by on July 28th 2017 in Events, Fundraising, General charity, General discussion

The Top 5 Cake Ideas for 2017’s Bake Off for Take Off

If you’ve been baking masterpieces your whole life, or have never cracked an egg but love decadent pudding, we have the perfect event for you!

With National Air Ambulance Week from the 11-17th of September, Devon Air Ambulance is helping you to organise your very own “Bake Off for Take Off” event during this week to help raise funds to support the charity.

Whether it’s a coffee morning at the office, a school bake sale, or just at home with friends, we want to help you plan and host your own cake event. For those excited to get baking, we’ve come up with...

Could you volunteer and help save lives?

Posted by on July 24th 2017 in General charity, Volunteering

Volunteering saves lives

The Devon Air Ambulance is currently looking for people to join their volunteering family.

Cara Jones, Volunteer Manager for Devon Air Ambulance said “Our volunteers are an invaluable part of our team and ensure we remain truly rooted in the community we serve. If you have a couple of hours to spare, we would love to hear from you. We appreciate you may have other commitments so we welcome flexible volunteers who do not need to commit to a minimum amount of time.”

She added “We have a variety of rolls to suit everyone such as, box collecting, giving talks, attending cheque...

Why Devon Air Ambulance has not paid the Fundraising Regulator Levy

Posted by on June 14th 2017 in Fundraising, General charity, General discussion

Why Devon Air Ambulance has not paid the Fundraising Regulator Levy
Why Devon Air Ambulance has not paid the Fundraising Regulator Levy

By Heléna Holt, Chief Executive, Devon Air Ambulance

On 1st November 2016, we received an email from the newly formed Fundraising Regulator asking us to pay a voluntary levy in order to fund their operating costs.  The email made it clear that there is currently no legal requirement to pay this levy although it explained that the government “took reserve powers in the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016 to enforce payment of the levy should that become necessary.”

On 10th November 2016 we received an invoice for £1500 for this...

Virtual reality expert gifts Air Ambulance 360 degree tour

Posted by on May 8th 2017 in business on board, Fundraising, General charity, General discussion, Patients

Virtual reality expert gifts Air Ambulance 360 degree tour

A businessman who specialises in virtual reality (VR) walk-throughs for property sales has used his state-of the-art technology to create a virtual tour of Devon Air Ambulance’s (DAA) emergency helicopter and hangar at the charity’s Eaglescott air base.

Noel Sexton who runs based Somerset based View It 360 providing VR Solutions for businesses from London to Truro, has donated the VR tour to thank DAA for the role in getting his new born son Callum to hospital after he suffered severe breathing difficulties and was turning blue.

Although the incident happened 11 years ago, it was when Noel set up his VR...

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