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Spring into action with some top decluttering tips

Posted by on March 20th 2018 in General charity, Retail

Jasmine Sleigh of Change your Space helping Devon Air Ambulance customers to declutter

For many of us it still feels as though winter’s icy grasp is reluctant to let go, though with the clocks going forward at the weekend technically spring is right around the corner. 

But if you have been snowed out of work or are stuck at home, then it’s the perfect opportunity to sort out some of that clutter, bag up a few of those no-longer-needed toys, books and clothes, and maybe give the place a bit of a spruce.  Since it’s Spring Clearing Week from 24-30 March, it’s a good time to take stock of your stuff, and maybe pass it on to some happy...

What our clinical advances mean for patients

Posted by on March 13th 2018 in General charity, General discussion, Operational

What our clinical advances mean for patients

It's British Science Week (9-18 March, 2018), so we thought it would be a great opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the clinical advances of our paramedic team and how they have improved patient care over recent years.

The sky's the limit for pre-hospital critical care

For the last two years our clinical team has been working towards a degree for air paramedics at Plymouth University and are now studying in their final year. After their first year they became 'Specialist Paramedics – Critical Care’  with the option to continue studying in years 2 and 3.

This is a new qualification that Devon Air...

Exeter Grow Magazine accolade for Air Ambulance Chief Executive

Posted by on March 8th 2018 in General charity, Patients

Exeter Grow Magazine accolade for Air Ambulance Chief Executive

March 8th 2018 is International Women's Day; a day on which we acknowledge and celebrate the industry and efforts of women to achieve gender parity socially, economically, culturally and politically the world over. 

This year, the Trustees, staff and volunteers of Devon Air Ambulance (DAA) are celebrating the news that Chief Executive Heléna Holt has been included in the Grow Exeter list of the 100 most influential women in Exeter.

Heléna's Devon Air Ambulance developments

Heléna joined DAA in 2007 and has since overseen a wide range of developments such as the introduction of the UK’s first specialist HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Services) despatch team dedicated to tasking the aircraft, the purchase...

Volunteering doesn't have to be a solo activity

Posted by on February 23rd 2018 in General charity, Volunteering

Carol and Terry are a great couple who volunteer in our Plymouth shop

Not all our student volunteers are in their teens, we wanted to speak to chat to Carol and Terry who are a fanastic couple who donate a lot of their time to the charity wihle studying too.

How did you hear about Devon Air Ambulance?

Terry noticed the shop and Googled the Devon Air Ambulance to find out more about the charity.

What made you volunteer for the charity?

We had both already been shop volunteers for another charity, but we wanted more varied roles, so we decided to try the Devon Air Ambulance shop as it was new and the people we spoke with were really friendly. 


Our Student Volunteering Week team share their experiences

Posted by on February 22nd 2018 in General charity, Volunteering

Two of our fab volunteers pose in one of our shops

It's day 4 of this year's Student Volunteering  Week, and we're taking 5 minutes out of Ashley Birch's busy day to ask him a few questions about how he's getting on.

How did you hear about DAAT?

I was once a Devon Air Ambulance patient myself when I needed to be transferred between hospitals for treatment myself.

What inspired you to volunteer for the charity?

I love the Charity and the lifesaving work that it does. I wanted to give something back having had first-hand experience with the charity myself.

What were you studying at the time of volunteering for DAAT?

I was studying Entry Level Maths...

Student volunteer James chats to Cara Jones, our Volunteers Coordinator, about his experience at the charity

Posted by on February 21st 2018 in General charity, Volunteering

Two of our incredible volunteers being silly in our Totnes charity shop

James is a Plymouth University student who has kindly commited some of his free time to supporting the charity. He shares his experiences with us this Student Volunteering Week in a 2-minute chat. 

How did you hear about DAAT?

I read about Devon Air Ambulance in the Plymouth University Volunteering Newsletter, which is full of great opportunities for young people and those who are studying.

What inspired you to volunteer for Devon Air Ambulance?

I've always wanted to become a little more charitable and to build my confident as I approach my 20s, and volunteering is a great way to achieve these aims. 


Otter Garden Centres fundraiser grows large!

Posted by on February 20th 2018 in Charity of the year, Fundraising, General charity

Otter Garden Centres fundraiser grows large!
Fundraising soars for Devon Air Ambulance

Otter Garden Centres in Ottery St Mary has announced the total raised for its charity of the year 2017, Devon Air Ambulance Trust.

The East Devon branch of the family-run garden centre ran various fundraising activities across the year to achieve an impressive total of over £7,500.

£700 came from donations to the annual Memory Tree, where customers buy a red or gold ribbon to attach to a Christmas tree in memory of loved ones. £1,000 was raised from parking donations for Ottery St Mary’s Tar Barrels event, with a matching amount donated to the Tar Barrels...

Volunteer Coordinator, Cara Jones, chats to student volunteer, Zack Hutch about his DAA experience

Posted by on February 20th 2018 in General charity, Volunteering

Daisy, one of our incredible student volunteers

Cara Jones chats to Zack, a student volunteer who was keen to lend his time and energy to a worthy cause.

How did you hear about DAAT?

My mum told me about the charity shop and she said it would be a nice place to work because it had such friendly staff. She thought it would be a good place to volunteer too as she had visited there fairly often.

What inspired you to volunteer for DAAT?

I was at college at the time and I wanted to get some workplace experience to help boost my confidence in talking/socialising with people. I had considered dropping out of college, but...

Your stories help us to be heard

Posted by on February 5th 2018 in General charity, General discussion, Patients

Photograph: Billy Griffiths

Every year, our helicopters and paramedic crew attend hundreds of missions the length and breadth of Devon. In 2017 we assisted 990 patients, 12% of whom were children and infants.

We’ve attended incidents from traffic collisions and motorcross accidents to equestrian and sports injuries. Accidents and medical incidents can befall anyone at any time, and everyone who lives in Devon is eligible to be helped by us – and we want to get to each patient as quickly as possible.

Patient confidentiality

Because of patient confidentiality we don’t have access to more than the most general information about the missions our crews attend:...

Stay safe on your Devon winter walk

Posted by on February 4th 2018 in General charity, Operational, Uncategorised

Stay safe on your Devon winter walk

Few sights are more complelling than a frosted moorland scene, or a soothing seascape beneath a chill winter sky. A wintry stroll, either to walk off a hearty pub lunch or in advance of one, is also one of the best ways to enjoy such settings, and Devon has not shortage of rural and rugged views.

With the allure of fresh air and cool light, outdoor activities such as riding and sports have a particular draw, but it’s important to be conscious that winter activities present certain hazards that we’re keen to avoid in order to minimise your chances of needing the...

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