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Air Ambulance start-up process

Posted by on February 16th 2016 in Operational

Nigel Hare Ground Ops Director Devon Air Ambulance

In my last photo blog I mentioned how the use of Personal Protective Equipment helped us to ensure we deliver our service safely.

This week I will share with you the procedure we undertake each time we start up the air ambulance which will provide a useful insight on how we also use defined processes to support the safe delivery of our service.

When we attend an incident where we treat a patient and fly them to hospital we actually undertake 3 ‘sectors’, a sector being a flight between the moment we take off the ground through to when we land again....


Posted by on January 29th 2016 in Operational

Nigel Hare Ground Ops Director Devon Air Ambulance
Delivering our service safely is something that is imbedded within every action we take and isn’t just restricted to the flying of the helicopters.

Over the coming months my photo blog will cover a variety of subjects and I will share with you some of the processes which ensure our safety as well as that of our patients and the public.

Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE as it is known, forms an important part of the aircrew’s kit and in this blog I provide an overview of the items the crew wear or take with them to every incident they attend.

When responding...

Track and Distance

Posted by on January 19th 2016 in Operational

Nigel Hare Ground Ops Director Devon Air Ambulance

On the wall next to the Red Phone at each of our airbases is an aviation chart covering the South West peninsula, which the crew use to plot the ‘Track and Distance’ from the airbase to the incident location.

This fantastic piece of 'technology' isn’t new having been designed almost since the start of aviation itself and although we now have modern digital alternatives in flight, we still use what is in effect a map, a length of string and a weight to help us plot our track and distance to the incident initially. 

The image above is of our Exeter Airbase Track and Distance map...

The Red Phone

Posted by on January 11th 2016 in Operational

The Red phone Each week I shall be sharing with you a picture which depicts something relating to the operational aspects of Devon Air Ambulance. As well as sharing the picture I will within my ‘Photo Blog’ provide a brief explanation of what is depicted and how it relates to the service we provide to the people of Devon.

I kick off my photo blog with a picture of the ‘Red Phone’ located in the office at our Eaglescott airbase. I am often asked how our two air ambulances are deployed and essentially for the aircrew it starts off with a telephone...

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