We are often asked by our supporters if we can accept bottle tops, but unfortunately we don't have the capacity or facility to manage the volume of tops that could come our way.

But there's good news for recyclers and for the planet!

Lush shops are accepting domestic collections of bottle tops both in their stores and by Freepost. If you don't have a Lush store near to you, all you need to do is pop your plastic bottle tops into an envelope addressed to Freepost LUSH GREENHUB, which you can drop into your nearest post office. If you have a large quantity then boxing the lids up may be the better option.

What happens to all the bottle tops?

Bottle tops are melted down, pressed into board and made into useful things from wall cladding to furniture and beehives. They've even been used to make a play area at a refugee camp in France. Although we can't make use of the bottle tops ourselves, we're very glad that our supporters can still help to do their bit for people and planet by making good use of this quality material.

Other ways to support your Air Ambulances

Although we aren't accepting bottle tops, there are many other ways to help support Devon's helicopters. Here are a few of them:

Volunteer your time - we always welcome new volunteers to our team and there are all sorts of ways you can help from box collecting, attending cheque presentations, delivering talks, driving, helping in our office or in one of our shops, or at our fundraising events.

Play out lottery - you could be one of the winners of our weekly prize draw, with a top prize of £1,350, two runners up prizes of £350, and 10 prizes of £50.

Give a regular gift - set up a direct debit for your desired sum with the frequency that suits you, securely and easily online. If you are a UK tax payer then gift Aiding your donation also helps boost your contribution.

Make a one-off donation - you can make a one off gift at the top of this page. Don't forget to Gift Aid your donation!

Leave a lasting legacy - remember us in your will.

Donate to our shops - we always welcome donations to our 19 charity shops, including our Furniture and Electrical shop in Exeter.