Fright Night is almost upon us and in anticipation of the spookiest festival of the season, and to celebrate the delicious Devon Devil sausage that won our recent Butchers at Darts Farm competition, we've brought together 5 ways to have some frightfully good foodie fun on October 31st. 

Shop for our prize-winning bangers at Darts Farm or Fermoys in Newton Abbot, and £1 for every pound in weight sold goes to our helicopters. 

Puff pastry sausage roll mummies

There are all sorts of mummy-inspired recipes you can find online, but this walk-through guide is a very straightforward step-by-step approach. Swap the frankfurters for the delicious Devon Devils sausages and just make the mummies slightly chunkier. Really all that's involved is being a bit creative with some puff pastry bandages; precision and artistry are not required as the more improvised the look, the more authentic the monster!

Spooky sausage rolls

Though this is a Waitrose recipe, and we applaud their creativity, use our Devon Devil sausages for a truly darstardly Halloween sausage and raise funds for our helicopters! We think these are great little ghouls, perfect for the Halloween party or special seasonal tea. 

Guts sweet sausages

Possibly one of the less appealing options, and for that reason, perfect for Halloween... This is basically a plate of sausages smothered sticky, gooey, sweet sauce to give the impression that you are dining on guts! Kids are going to love it.

Snouts and beans

Although frankfurters seem to be the go-to sausage of choice for Halloween dining, there's no reason why you couldn't replicate these snouts using our prize-winning sausages. This is a minimum effort, maximum impact dish to draw shrieks of horror and delight from your little ones in the run up to witching hour.

Halloween chilli

if you're after an autumn warmer then try making this super-spicy, yet hearty Halloween sausage chilli - a simple one-pot dish to keep you feeling cosy when everything else is giving you a chill...

Prepare for the spookiest night of the year by bagging your Devon Devils bangers from The Butchers at Darts Farm or Fermoys in Newton Abbot and help our helicopters! Tag us in your recipes - we'd love to see them.