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Missions flown

Telephone: +44 (0)1392 466 666

Your stories help us to be heard

A Devon Air Ambulance craft attends a traffic collision

Every year, our helicopters and paramedic crew attend hundreds of missions the length and breadth of Devon. In 2017 we assisted 990 patients, 12% of whom were children and infants.

We’ve attended incidents from traffic collisions and motorcross accidents to equestrian and sports injuries. Accidents and medical incidents can befall anyone at any time, and everyone who lives in Devon is eligible to be helped by us – and we want to get to each patient as quickly as possible.

Patient confidentiality

Because of patient confidentiality we don’t have access to more than the most general information about the missions our crews attend: the general location of the incident, whether the incident is medical or trauma, or the patient adult or a child. For this reason, we only hear the full stories of around 15% of the patients and their families who approach us to tell us about their experiences.

As an independent charity we receive no government funding, therefore we depend 100% upon our fundraisers, donors and supporters to keep our helicopters flying.

It costs over £5.5 million a year to operate our service, but it’s our patients’ stories that help potential supporters to understand that we are there for the people of Devon and the importance of keeping us there.

Do you have a story to share – either as a patient, or as a supporter? Contact us to tell us about your Devon Air Ambulance experience.

Our supporter promise

We respect our supporters’ data and we adhere to recent legal changes brought in by GDPR, which replaces the Data Protection Act. Therefore, our sponsors and supporters can feel reassured their information is protected by us.

The continued support of those who lend their time and energy to the charity is very important to us, which is why our supporter promise is at the centre of everything we do:

  • We don’t share or sell any of our supporters’ data
  • We treat our supporters as they wish to be treated
  • The only mail we send out is our Helipad magazine up to four times a year to keep our supporters up to date with our activities and local interest
  • We send monthly eNewsletters – only to supporters who have asked to receive them
  • We don’t authorise anyone to go door-to-door on our behalf
  • The only representatives from the charity who may ask for your personal information are our lottery canvassers, but only if you choose to join
  • We do not employ third party companies to phone our supporters asking for more information, or to cold call 
  • We do not pay commission to anyone collecting our boxes or cheques on our behalf

If you have any questions about our Supporter Promise, then do speak to one of our team on 01392 466666 and we will be happy to answer them. 


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Ann hall

Ann hall says: February 8th, 2018 at 8:15 am

I needed the assistance of Devon Air ambulance as did my daughter. We were involved in a car accident, which we needed to be cut out from. In particularly the ambulance service was second to none, without their help and speed life could have been very much different. Turns out I was hallucinating from the ketamine, I was seeing flames coming from my legs. The lovely crew went along with me, as we were landing he informed me the fire would go out when the door opend. True to his word they did. Sounds funny, but to me they were totally amazing and what a difference they make to everyone who needs their services. I can't believe such an important service, a life saving service for many don't get government funding. I am eternally grateful and have raised money to be able to help others. Many thanks to all who saved my family.

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