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Archive for January, 2018

Luke Adams Memorial Night

Posted by on January 19th 2018 in Fundraising, General charity

Luke Adams Memorial Night
Luke Adams Memorial Night Friends and family gather to rock and roll in memory of Luke

 In memory of Luke Adams


23/12/1993 - 12/09/2017

There is no single word that describes Luke, he was an animated and high-spirited person who never took off his cheesy grin. Luke was a person that would befriend anyone and everyone. This led to him being a tough person to pin down, whether he was out playing football for North Molton, South Molton and even Chittlehampton or camping at car shows with the Devon Cruisers or just having a pint. With his energetic social...

Lewtrenchard to re-host luxury Charity lunches

Posted by on January 18th 2018 in Events, Fundraising

Lewtrenchard to re-host luxury Charity lunches
Lewtrenchard Manor to re-host luxury charity lunches Lewtrenchard Manor is raising funds for Devon Air Ambulance by cooking up luxury dinners for gourmet-loving guests. Find out how to book here.

Lewtrenchard Manor to re-host luxury charity lunches

Devon Air Ambulance is thrilled to once again be supported by Lewtrenchard Manor House as it runs its luxurious lunches in support of the Charity. The restaurant will serve meticulously prepared meals throughout January, February and March.

Those looking for a tasty weekend treat can tuck into a two-course lunch and support Devon Air Ambulance at the same time, so there’s every reason to treat yourself.  Lunches...

Tom Walks Wild as thanks for saving his sister's life

Posted by on January 9th 2018 in Fundraising, Patients

Tom on the North Yorkshire Moors

On the morning of 16th January 2016, 21 year old Katie Backhouse left her home in Kingsteignton to make her way to work at the Haldon Forest Diner. It was the first icy day Devon had suffered in a while and Katie texted her boyfriend a photo of her car temperature gauge showing -1°c before setting off.? 

That morning Katie didn’t make it to the Diner. At around 7:50am, between the A380 and A38 - on a journey Katie had done many times before - her car skidded on black ice and careered off the road. ? 

When Katie failed to show for work, a member of...

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