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How Technology has changed over the past 25 years.


Devon Air Ambulance is delighted to be celebrating its 25th Anniversary. Twenty five years ago on 27 August 1992 our first mission was flown.  At this time our aircrew only flew five days a week. Since then we have continued to make great strides as a service putting us in a position where we are now able to reach any emergency situation in the county quickly; from the moors to the shores.

We are celebrating our 25th Anniversary with our ‘Say it with Silver’ campaign which is helping to raise the vital funds needed to keep Devon’s Air Ambulances flying and saving lives.

Over the last 25 years we have seen technology make massive advancements. In this blog, we thought we would discuss five  big technological changes.  


Mobile Phones

On April 3rd 1973, Martin Cooper a Motorola researcher and executive, made the first mobile telephone. At the time, this was a massive revolution in the way we communicated with each other, as it made individuals far more accessible. However, one major issue was that these mobile phones were very expensive and the size of bricks.

Over time the mobile phone has continued to evolve, and in June 2007 Apple who are considered the pioneers of the smartphone released the iPhone (one of the first smartphones). The innovation combined with the affordability of the smartphone has seen it become a huge success with a large percent of the global population now owning a smartphone. This development in technology now allows us to make donations through our mobile devices or sign up to give regular donations!

FAX Machines

Over the years the Fax machine developed and played a big part in the distribution of information and content for businesses. A Fax machine acted as a telephonic transmission of scanned printed materials normally to a telephone number connected to a printer or other output devices, therefore allowing businesses to send their content to other businesses and clients quickly. However, the ‘everyday’ fax machine Of course has now been replaced with the likes of scanners and email.


Electronic mail was born when the internet became widely available to the public in 1991.  Thisallowed individuals the ability to communicate with each other, even when they were in very different geographical places. The development of emails created a communication platform which made individuals far more accessible improving the efficiency of business communication and allowing family and friends to stay in touch with one another. In recent years the development of smartphones has created mobile emailing, which now allows us to email people on the go through our smartphones, this allows us to email people from wherever we are whether sat on a bus or in another country. 


Computers are another device which has that developed massively over the last 25 years. The development of computers over the years has changed the way we find information, from getting our information from books in the library to now having access to awide variety of information at the click of a button via a search engine. This development in technology has made work and education much quicker and more efficient due to the instant access of information.

Online Donations

This is one that works particularly well for us.  Anyone raising funds for us or taking part in an event can take and make donations instantly. Not only does it make it easier for us, but also for those who hold events or want to make a donation because it’s instant and there is no need to collect sponsorship monies from friends, family or work colleagues if they set up an online fundraising page on sites such as JustGiving, BTDonate or VirginMoneyGiving. 

So, as you can see technology has certainly made big strides over the last 25 years and we are sure that it will continue to make big developments.

We’re certainly looking forwards to the next 25 years of our lifesaving service but our vital work can only be continued with your ongoing support. 



















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