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The Top 5 Cake Ideas for 2017’s Bake Off for Take Off


If you’ve been baking masterpieces your whole life, or have never cracked an egg but love decadent pudding, we have the perfect event for you!

With National Air Ambulance Week from the 11-17th of September, Devon Air Ambulance is helping you to organise your very own “Bake Off for Take Off” event during this week to help raise funds to support the charity.

Whether it’s a coffee morning at the office, a school bake sale, or just at home with friends, we want to help you plan and host your own cake event. For those excited to get baking, we’ve come up with a few cake ideas to get your creativity cooking!


Mirror Cake

Mirror Cake

The Mirror Glazed cake craze has certainly swept the nation, and is a great way to really show off your baking skills. Find a recipe, pick your colours, and really make the top of your cake shine!




Who doesn’t love seeing a piñata getting cracked open and all its goodies spilling out? Take that idea and cut hole in the middle of your cake to stuff with all sorts of sweets for a great surprise after the first slice!




Sometimes it’s tricky to get a large cake to turn out just right, so if the idea of miniature versions sounds more appealing, just go for cupcakes! Not only are they easier to manage, you can break out the icing bags to decorate them in a variety of fun and creative ways!  


Landing Pad

An iconic image whenever you think about a helicopter, a landing pad cake is a creative way to show what you’re baking for, and demonstrate some artistic talent in the kitchen!  For bonus points, and a sure way to get a few extra donations, try and bake a full helicopter to put on top!


The Classics

Carrot Cake

Having trouble thinking up a creative design? Don’t worry, keep it simple and elegant with classic cakes such as Victoria Sponge, Red Velvet, Carrot, Pineapple Upside Down, and of course any kind of Chocolate cake. If you’re looking to stand out, add a bit of chili to a dark chocolate cake to really spice things up!


No matter what type of cake or baked good you go for, just remember you (probably) won’t have Mary, Mel, or Sue from the GBBO telling you what went wrong, so don’t worry if the bottom is soggy, just enjoy baking for a good cause!

Don’t forget to send us photos even if disaster happens; pictures of flopped cakes can be just as good as cake perfection!

This type of community fundraising is vital to ensuring Devon Air Ambulance can continue our service in the county, and we appreciate any effort that is given to help us fly. Register your event with us, break out some flour, eggs and sugar, and start baking for a great cause! Even if you don’t have the culinary skills to bake your own treat, or don’t want to host an event, you can always support us by making a donation!

Pick a date between the 11-17th of September, and register your event with us here!  

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