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Love Your Air Ambulance

It can be easy to be cynical about Valentine’s Day, as we’re bombarded on television and in shops with crass, commercial gifts. However, if we treat it as a reminder for us to cherish the important people in our lives – partners, children and friends – then it’s a great opportunity to give thanks to the partnerships that matter most in our lives.


The Parkhouse Family

In 2011, the Parkhouse family had one of the most terrifying experiences of their lives, when Matthew had to be air lifted to Bristol hospital by Devon Air Ambulance.

Matthew’s Dad said, “We’ll never forget that day”. He had to watch his son, Matthew, and his wife fly off but because of Devon Air Ambulance’s vital, life-saving service, Matthew arrived safely at Bristol hospital within 27 minutes of leaving Barnstaple.


Providing Life-Saving Support for 25 Years

This August, Devon Air Ambulance will be celebrating our 25th Anniversary. 2017 marks 25 years since we flew our first mission back in 1992. When the service launched, we were only flying five days per week. However, fundraising for an Air Ambulance service first began six years previously in 1986, when Ann Thomas started the Ceri Thomas Appeal following the tragic death of her son.

Since the first mission, 25 years ago, the service has continued to develop and expand. Today, Devon Air Ambulance operates two air ambulances flying seven days a week, with the service now extending into the hours of darkness too!

So, remember, if you love your air ambulance please make a donation this Valentine’s Day and help us to ensure that we can continue providing this vital, lifesaving service to the people of Devon.

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