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Devon Air Ambulance benefits from Sanctuaryâ??s donation

Devon Air Ambulance was just one of a number of charities to benefit from a generous donation following the closure and sale of Sanctuary Lodge, the Freemason’s home in Moretonhampstead since 1932.

As he presented DAA’s Debbie Gregory with a cheque for £5,000 Lodge Trustee Harry James explained his reason for nominating his local Air Ambulance, “In May 2014 I had need of the Air Ambulance after a rather nasty accident at my home in North Bovey.  I lost two fingers in a battle with a circular saw and I’ll never forget the relief I felt knowing that such help was on its way. The aircrew were just brilliant and, of course, they got me to hospital so much quicker by helicopter than it would have been by road, enabling surgeons to save a third finger!”

Debbie Gregory thanked the Lodge for their kind donation, “We are most grateful to receive these funds from Sanctuary Lodge. With Devon Air Ambulance now flying well into the hours of darkness we are able to attend incidents, both medical and trauma, right up to midnight. The Charity remains wholly independent and relies on funds and donations, such as these, from the people of Devon. We wish all the members and Trustees from this Lodge a secure and happy future in their new home in Tavistock.”

Pictured: Debbie Gregory from Devon Air Ambulance with Harry James and Trustees from Sanctuary Lodge, Moretonhampstead.

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