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4 Reasons Why You Should Send eCards This Christmas

DAA Christmas eCard

The nights are drawing in, the air is chilly, and Christmas is nearly here! So, if you haven’t got your Christmas cards sorted yet, the clock is ticking! However, if you don’t fancy navigating your way through the crowded shops and spending a fortune on stamps, we have a better solution. Here are 4 reasons why you should send eCards this Christmas.


1.It Will Save You Some Pounds

Traditional Christmas cards can be pretty expensive- especially when you consider that you’re essentially paying for a piece of cardboard with a nice design! Buying a few isn’t too bad, but if you’re sending cards to friends, family, and long lost relatives, things can get a bit pricey- and that’s before you’ve even bought the stamps! So, do yourself a favour this Christmas and send some free eCards instead… and with the savings, why not buy a bigger Christmas Pud or donate some money to charity?


2.They’re Better for the Earth

Christmas is about friends, family, kindness and giving… and probably social responsibility too. Hundreds of millions of Christmas cards are sent every year in the UK, and all of that amounts to a lot of trees being cut down. While recycling cards is one good way to reduce your environmental impact, not sending physical cards in the first place is even better.


3.It Takes Less Time

Unlike traditional cards, you can send an eCard quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home. That means you don’t have to spend hours in town amongst the hordes of people just so you can buy a few cards! Assuming you can type more than a few words per minute, sending an eCard is usually quicker than writing, addressing and posting a traditional card as well. And of course, with any good eCard you can still write your own personalised message.


4.They’re Instant

As well as saving you time, eCards are perfect for when time is against you! If you’re guilty of buying gifts and sending cards at the very last minute, or you just forgot to send a card to that obscure relative, then an eCard could save you a lot of apologies and embarrassment! As soon as you’ve written an eCard they’re usually off in a few second- so you can send them all out on Christmas Eve if you really want to.



So, are you ready to tick Christmas cards off your to-do list? Why not send one of  our eCards and use the money you save to donate to Devon Air Ambulance?

It might be Christmas, but that doesn’t mean that people will stop needing our vital, lifesaving services and our fantastic staff and volunteers won’t be stopping their hard work over Christmas either.

It is only with your vital support that we can keep running this lifesaving service throughout the year, so any donation that you can afford will be most appreciated.

Merry Christmas from everyone at Devon Air Ambulance.

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