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Top 5 Dragon Boat Races from Around the World

It’s our DAA Dragon Boat Festival on Sunday 25th September, so there’s less than 3 weeks to go until you can enjoy the exciting spectacle of dragon boat racing! Dragon boat racing has a rich and mystical history, and it is now participated in across the globe- including right here in Devon! With colourful designs, drumming and furious paddling, here are some of our favourite dragon boat races from around the world.


1. IDBF World Dragon Boat Championship 2015 – 500m Grand Final

The International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) is recognised as the world governing body for dragon boat racing, hosting some of the biggest competitions. Last year’s Standard Boat 500m Grand Final, which took place in Canada, is a great example of the power and skill of some of the world’s best dragon boat racing teams.


2. IDBF World Dragon Boat Championship 2013 – Fastest 200m

From the 2013 World Championship in Hungary, here you can see the fastest 200m time of the competition- right up close. The team from Canada accomplished this feat, covering 200m in just 42.77 seconds. If you weren’t convinced how much speed the professionals can accomplish, you should be after watching this!


3. The World’s Longest Dragon Boat

So, this may not be a race, but we couldn’t miss out on featuring such an amazing spectacle on our list. This giant dragon boat is approximately 78 metres long and 12 tons (nearly 11 tonnes) in weight. In May 2016, the dragon boat was carried to a river in Shibing County, China… by 1,600 men!

The boat cruised out on its maiden voyage at the local dragon boat festival in June, and was powered by 180 female rowers.


4. Sun Life Stanley International Dragon Boat Championships 2015

The Stanley International Dragon Boat Championships are Asia’s largest dragon boat festival, attracting thousands of spectators in Hong Kong last year. The video below gives a fantastic first person view of one of the races, from the perspective of the drummer. This is the closest you’ll get without racing in a dragon boat yourself!


5. The DAA Dragon Boat Festival 2015

We couldn’t have a list of our favourite dragon boat races without including our very own festival in Exeter. Congratulations to the team from Toolbank, Exeter, who paddled their way to the finish line to become last year’s DAA Dragon Boat Festival champions.

DAA Dragon Boat Festival 2015 Winners

Below you can watch some highlights of the action from our 2014 Festival, when Crisp Professional Development sloshed their way to victory!


So, do you think you have what it takes to leave the competition in your wake? Visit the Devon Air Ambulance Dragon Boat Festival event page for more information- boats are still available, so enter your team today!

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