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BBC Casualty 30th anniversary episode

Tonight BBC One’s popular medical drama ‘Casualty’ will celebrate its 30th anniversary with a special feature length edition.  This programme will show an air ambulance crashing into the emergency department after a drone hits the tail rotor. 

The scenes/storyline are of course produced for dramatic effect. However, Devon Air Ambulance is very aware of the increase in the popularity and use of drones. This increase is a concern for the aviation industry as some people may be unaware of the rules regarding the flying of drones or, in some cases, ignoring them completely. Drones should never be flown near another aircraft, at the scene of an emergency or near an operating base or airport. 

Whilst we have not had an incident that has been compromised by a drone we would encourage anybody that flies, or is thinking of flying a drone to view the guidance information on the CAA website

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